DOMS after Clouds Rest

I’ve heard about it on the podcast and never had an issue until the other day after doing Clouds Rest. Managed to do 30 of the intervals and then had to drop the FTP by 2% to finish. Afterwards foolishly played a ball game with my son that involves a lot of bending over. Didn’t get a meal in me until about an hour post workout. Did my normal pre-bed foam roller.

About 36 hours later - soooo sore. I thought I had covid - the ache was like the vaccine side effects. Had to take tylenol to sleep.

At Day + 2 my inside of my thighs are still spasming. Trying to decide if a light 30 minute spin is good or just a hot bath.

For all of you who think DOMS is just some post-workout soreness (as I did) – it’s really not!


DOMS usually hits me the next day, but typically from weight lifting legs rather than cycling. Sounds like you’ve got it good. Welcome to the club!

I wasn’t aware DOMS from cycling was possible. I probably need to do more intervals but as a relatively new cyclist I have never had more than moderate stiffness.