Is DOMS normal following mid-high intensity workouts

Hey folks,

I’ve been getting very tired legs during the days following anything sweetspot and over… to the point where walking up stairs hurts a little. Just wandering if this is to be expected? I’m managing the workouts ok, currently half way through ssb2 but just my legs seem super tired. Eating like a horse and sleep is mostly ok.

Thanks for any help

Are you sure it’s DOMS…?

Stairs and Cyclists = Cats and Dogs. :hugs:

I would say it is not normal. Certainly after strength training but not SS or threshold work. Yes you can’t do it continuously ….I certainly find when I get back on the bike then my legs feel tired so you do need easier sessions in between hard sessions but it shouldn’t be tough walking! I would say get a blood test but there is little chance of that in the current climate even if you had Corona virus :upside_down_face:

Thanks for the replies, I did actually get a blood test about 8 weeks ago checking levels generally and everything came back as normal.
The stairs arent usually a problem as I do a fair bit of trail running (40-50k per week) so I should be able to get up a single flight :joy: might just try extra rest, just wondered if others have similar reactions and what they do about it. Thanks again, Tom

I did 1 round of ssblv1 and felt fine after every workout, never very sore at all and this was me pretty fresh back into riding. Then I started ssbmv1 and was also fine. I felt the jump from low to mid was very much what I wanted, just a little bit of a jump. Now I’m starting week 4 of ssbmv1 and my legs are sore for sure. Over/unders are very difficult for me the last 2 Saturdays. I can make it to about the last set and I just loose any bit of strength left. I have thought about taking an easy week for this 4th week but I’m going to see if I can push through.

Yeah, longer Sweet Spot intervals cause DOMS for myself.

I distinctly remember feeling my legs during SSB-1 but only during the High-Volume plan. For example weeks like this:

and by the 3rd day of sweet spot I could feel my legs walking up the stairs! And same on Sunday night after back-to-back 2 hour days!

But legs are fine on low and medium volume.

Have you thought about using foam rollers to ease any tension in your legs? You may already be doing it of course.


Yep, this was definitely case for me when started SSBHV last year – two weeks into 1st block, legs felt like on fire. Started foam rolling 2-3x/week, no issues since then. Although same time started taking magnesium with B vitamins as well. Can’t pinpoint remedy for sure.

What is your post-ride nutrition looking like? Try demolishing some carbs (ie. oatmeal, pancakes, etc.) post ride and see if that helps with the sore legs.

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Second this. Nutrition makes a huge difference for me!

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Cheers folks, I’ll try both foam rolling and adding some post ride nutrition, updates in a week or so :+1:

Kodiak pancake mix at Costco is my new favorite.

From my personal anecdote, I took 2 weeks completely off the bike and any form of exercise. After I got back in and started doing endurance rides, I did feel the DOMS. My legs were a bit sore but it was not so sore comparing to the soreness I get after some heavy squats. The DOMS eventually went off and I gradually started increasing my mileage.

Have you done SSB 1 or you straightly went to SSB 2? 40-50 km/week of running is quite a lot! how many hours per week do you ride? Can you feel the soreness you describe from just running?

Hey! I did ssb1mv first, and I have followed this progression before. I run super easy as just building base leg strength so it dlesnt usually tax my muscles too much. On the bike j follow the plan fairly accurately so roughly 6 hours per week and 4 hours or so of running.

My first year with TR, my legs were very sore, most of the time. I’d never trained that hard or consistently so it was pretty stressful. The 2nd year was a lot better. My legs didn’t go into resting-sore until cx season kicked in. Now in my 3rd year, my legs feel great, and as strong as ever. I think it’s a process. Hard to say if it’s right for you, but if you’re making progress I’d stick with it as long as it’s no debilitating.

Ok thanks, hopefully with time and some extra foam rolling etc it will ease. Its frustrating as tired legs seem to be my limiter. Numbers still going up to be fair, 296ftp which has been a gradual rise in 6 months from 260 using a 4iiii power meter and kickr core :slight_smile: