Does strength training change based on what phase of a plan you are on?

Hi all,

Wondering what people do by the way of strength training while on a TR plan?

I’ve put a plan together using plan builder Low volume and was wondering what what exercises, sets and reps I should be doing for each phase, as I assume they would change. I plan on doing 2 gym sessions a week.

Base Phase - I was thinking of starting with body weight and light weights 2/3 sets with high reps around 15/20 as i get my body use to gym stuff again.

Build Phase - Heavier weights with lower reps and more sets 5 reps and 5 sets ( or is it better to do this in the off season?)

Specialty Phase - A little more core and stretching leading up to my A race

Is this the way to go, or do people just following the same program twice a week.

What’s everyone doing?

Has this been covered by a podcast, if so what number I’d love to go back and listen.

Thanks in advance,

In my opinion you want to move to just maintenance early in the build phase and throughout the speciality phase / race session.

Early base it the best time to do the heavy stuff which you need to build into.

Personal I’ll do light work post season / pre-pre season and work up from there, heaviest weights and weight training load during the first base phase and maybe into the second base phase if handling it well. In build the bike is the main objective I am careful that strenght work does not detract from this so ease off the weight to just maintain.

Loads of good resources from TR themselves and on this forum on these topics so you are in luck!

Recent TR podcast: Strength Training, KOM Training Guide, Training Fatigue and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 341 - YouTube which is due to be followed with a more detailed podcast this week which will cover practical suggestions on how to best fit strength training into your plan: Strength Exercises for Cyclists, High Volume, Goal Setting and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 345

TR strength training guidelines and link to weight calculator is also useful: Coach Chad's Strength Training Benchmarks for Cyclists - TrainerRoad Blog

Good thread discussing peoples different approaches: Strength Training