Strength Training build

What are others thoughts on strength training during build phase? I’m 6 weeks out from a local small Triathlon that I’m going to try pushing a pb and just wondering if strength training is more of a base training thing normally or if it doesn’t make that much of a big deal really.

Seasonal Goals

During base phase training on the bike, aim for 2 to 3 strength workouts per week, including unilateral leg exercises. These exercises do cause some fatigue, but the low intensity of base training won’t be overly affected.

During build and specialty phase training, shift your strength focus towards maintenance with just one or two workouts a week, and focus especially on your core. High intensity exercise should be reserved for your on-bike workouts during this time, with your off-bike work intended as reinforcement.

This and more covered in the full Strength Training thread:

The Triathlon Strength Training Definitive Guide at Scientific Triathlon should be your starting point:

I purchased their 19-week plan and found it to be well researched and provided a lot of helpful information.

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