Strength Training: How Many Sets Per Week Per Phase?

Hello team,

The Strength Training Calculator provides targets to aim for in terms of load (weight) and repetitions.

However, it does not provide indication as to how many Sets we should do. Can someone please provide guidance as to how many sets per week I should strive for per phase?


It’d depend to some degree on how far you are from your goals and how much hard(er) riding you’re willing to sacrifice to get there. There are any number of strength training programs that would eventually get you to those numbers. The thread below has a bunch of them.

Personally I followed the starting strength program and got up to most of the sprinter benchmarks within 4-5 months. Though I was lifting 3x a week and didn’t get much (any) faster on the bike during the same period.


Honestly it depends on your experience to decide what sets and reps to start someone out with. I wrote my own program to coincide with TrainerRoad programs. I have been lifting for 10+ years and have been training people a couple years as a side job.

One person might start base doing a heavy strength focus while a newer lifter I would start with a more stabilization endurance focus.
For starters/ new lifters I would do
Base: 1-3 days a week
1-3 sets 12-15 reps lower weight and focus on form
Build:1-2days a week
2-3 sets 8-12 reps. Same as before if you’re new focus on form over weight
Specialty: 1 day a week and none closer to a Goal event
I’d do 3-5 sets 1-6 reps.

Also I make sure to do 1-2 mobility/ core workouts a week even during specialty.
Hope that helps a little!

Thanks for your response. For context, I’ve been lifting for 15 years, but put weight training as a second priority since I started with TrainerRoad about 4 years ago.

I reached Coach Chad’s benchmarks a long time ago, but I’m struggling to keep up with going to the GYM twice a week + TR Midvolume + Family + Work (managing three businesses).

Thus, I am wondering if I should keep it at 2 Sets per exercise per week…? 4 Sets (plus 1 to warm up) per exercise per week on top of all of the above were leaving me on the edge (and sore).

You could try doing less weight with the same reps. From what I’ve seen/ heard, even light weights signal muscle growth. Not as much as a heavier weight but it still keeps your strength in check.
If you’re in build or specialty it’s hard to do 2 strength days a week without feeling super fatigued. I would lower the weight a lot and increase reps or keep the reps and lower the weight.
It’s definitely a juggling match. If you can sneak in two-a-days; cycling in the morning and strength at night. That’s the best bet, I know it’s hard with family and life. Do your best with the time you have, even 1 day is better than zero days. At least that’s what I tell myself.

Thanks so much. I’ll do that :innocent::pray:

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