Does standing during the end of a ramp test help or boost the result? (Hypothetically)

Different muscle fiber activation etc?

The entire test should be performed sitting, as it is instructed.


@janneseppala is correct. Standing could boost your FTP but a higher FTP isn’t going to help you get stronger if you can’t complete your workouts and get their intended benefits. Staying seated and going as hard as you can until failure will give you an accurate and usable FTP. :slight_smile:


We’re all on the same page. It was more of a hypothetical question. :sunglasses:

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The ‘Coach’ answer to such a question:

“Do not stand in the ramp test.”

But, like, hypothetically…


“Do not stand in the ramp test!”


I know I should not continue during the test … so is it wrong if I stand up in training? I am doing SSBHV2 and during the “long” intervals (10 to 30 min) it is easier to stand for 1 (or even 2 minutes) to rest a bit and relieve the pressure of “that” area

Testing and training are two different issues.

  1. Testing is about consistency for one, and following the established protocol, for an end goal of effectively determining the FTP for use in training.

  2. Training is about doing the prep work to be ready for your event(s). Standing is a part of many events, even if its merely for stretching and saddle comfort. Use it as much or little as appropriate for your goals.