Sit or Stand during FTP Test?

Personally I use AIFTPD but this popped up on my YouTube feed tonight. The author has quite strong opinions that folk should stand up during FTP tests if that’s natural for them. You’ve maybe already saw it but if not its an interesting take.


Don’t worry about it and just pedal hard


/s I don’t think it matters if your sitting or standing when you hit the detect FTP button.


On the trainer I stay seated because I do my workouts seated. The actual number is less relevant. The key is having your workout intensity match your level of fitness.

I can put out more power standing which would give me a higher FTP. But I also know on avg I’m 1 mph slower standing vs seated for the same power. So it behooves me to maximise my power while seated. After all speed trumps raw power.


If you are standing you might faint when you see the number.

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In the workout instructions for the ramp test it says to stay seated. TR workouts are based around that assumption, so if you stand your FTP for TR will be inflated


Seated. No cheating allowed.

Oh I don’t know, standing for the full 20 min ftp test would be pretty tough

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I think the FTP “test” or Ramp “test” should be renamed to FTP/RAMP Evaluation. Otherwise everybody thinks they should “do well” and get “a good grade” rather than trying to evaluate the currently correct training number.

I can’t imagine doing standing threshold intervals. Therefore I’m camp seated.

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Doesn’t the “stay seated” rule only come from using erg mode as changes in cadence could potentially cause it to bog down and increase the resistance quickly? Getting a few extra seconds by standing surely is only a benefit?