Does Plan Builder Adapt Training Over Time Based on Events?

My A event last weekend was a climbing gravel race, my next A event (scheduled when I created the plan) is a 20 min max effort hill climb. Will plan builder shift my training structure to the new focus? Or will it carry on as if it’s a climbing road race?

That all depends on the event type you set for that pending A race. PB follows that and that alone, not the specific duration of the event you set.

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Just as @mcneese.chad said!

Plan Builder will structure your plan based on the type of race you made your A event. If you have multiple A races and they are entered as different types of events, Plan Builder will adjust around that information.

Duration is not taken into account at this time – that is more so you can have an estimation of your volume/TSS for that ride and week of training.

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So a 20min race build is the same as a 3h race?

Not quite. When you enter a race on the calendar, you select a race type (road race, cyclocross, gravel, time trial, etc). A 20min race rarely has the same race type as a 3h race. In road racing, the former could be an ITT or crit and the latter a rolling road race.


Tacking onto what @AlistairSH mentioned, they’re likely to be different as 20min races are typically not the same event type as a 3hr race. That said, they could have similar build-ups if they are marked as the same type of race.

In either case, though, rest assured that you’ll have a plan that targets the energy systems you need to train for your A event!

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Awesome thanks. I just checked my calendar and my four events (due to time spacing) were forced into A-B-B-A

The middle two are 20 min hill climbs. The first and last are climbing road races. I just completed the first A event and the next two months will be focused in the climbs before the final A event end of august.

Edit. Sorry @ZackeryWeimer just realised i never asked the question! Will my training focus change even though the middle two events are listed as “B” events instead of “A”?


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Got it! Your training focus will still be focused on your A event.

I took a look at your Calendar and I think your A event lines up nicely with your B events in any case! It looks like your plan is currently set for “Climbing Road Race,” which should have you doing efforts that will be beneficial for your 20 min hill climbs and your longer A race at the end of the plan.