Feature request: When removing a plan, don't delete completed rides

If one deletes a plan that they started, deleting the plan should not delete the completed workouts.

Hey Bikr!

This should absolutely not happen. I actually did this myself todady and while at first glance, it appears that the workouts are gone, simply refresh the Calendar page and the rides should return :slight_smile:



Yup, I’ve deleted a plan and completed workouts are still in TR.

Thanks! Perhaps forcing a refresh after deleting a plan would help avoid that “Oh sh#t!” moment? :thinking:

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It doesn’t delete them

@Bryce I’ve reported other refresh issues on the forum, hoping the TR dev team is aware of the issue, you’ve got a story for it, and its queued for a future sprint. I know you probably have a list of 1000+ enhancements, so if its not captured I’ll be happy to find my forum post and file a ticket.

We’re investigating that very thing now :wink: