Does anyone know a sports nutritionist with Type1 Diabetes knowledge?


I am getting more and more frustrated balancing nutrition, insuline, workout intensity and my goal to stay fit, being time constraint while trying to keep insuline injections as low as possible per day.

Despite many seminars, trainings, which are provided by doctors and healthcarers - these aim mostly at “normal” cases, not enthusiast sportists like me - and also own experience I am still lost with all the variables and so many factors influencing all this.

And what are my conclusions? High carb, low carb? High intensity, low Z2 workouts? Etc. I cant find the right way, am not sure, at the same time struggle to do 10+ hours Z2 per week with all daily obligations and stresses I have.

Now I am looking at finding an expert who can help me to develop a concrete plan and structure to follow. Anybody with some recommendation?

Unfortunately a “normal” sports nutritionist or coach wont do. Being dependent on insuline shots most of the recipes which work for most of you guys dont work for me. So I need somebody with understanding of Type1 Diabetes.

Thank you

If you have health insurance and the internet. You can go on your health care providers website and search for doctors/ nutritionists in the area.

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Have you contacted team Novo Nordisk? Word is they are very helpful.


Most won’t know the first thing about working with athletes though, and because of that can be worse than nothing.

To OP: I’m completely unhelpful here other than cautioning you to find someone who has experience with endurance athletes with T1D.

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My wife has type 1 and runs and rides a bit. She uses a pump with real time BG that is displayed on her smartwatch. She has run half marathons and done plenty of different length family rides.
We’ve found as you will or already know that it’s quite a difficult thing to balance with food intensity and duration.
Get advice from someone who acrually knows or reach out on some of the type 1 websites or forums - are there any out there? :thinking:

The team novo nordisk suggestion would be a good starting point.

Good luck - I see how frustrating it is for my wife so can appreciate how difficult it can be.

Maybe start a thread called type 1 or diabetes help and you never know…

Don’t know if you’re UK based but diabetes UK has quite an active forum with threads around cycling, running so you could find help that way… Best of luck.



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The knowledge in this podcast may help

Cool down is important to keep blood sugar from spiking


hi, I know the podcast already, thank you. That is a very helpful input which I have followed already successfully

and yes, longer cooldown/Z2 helps me a lot.

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