Training, racing, and nutrition with Type One Diabetes

Any trainerroad users have type one diabetes? would be great to discuss training and nutrition tips with others suffering through the disease.

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Fellow diabetic here-although I am type 2.
Nutritional strategies can take some work and I’m constantly playing with that aspect and would be happy to discuss things and exchange ideas anytime.

Take it you seen the Team Novo Nordisk website.

yes I looked through some of their articles and videos. I am part of the team type one facebook and zwift group and prior to starting trainerroad I did some group events and zwift races with others with type one. I really haven’t found much info directly related to training and nutrition as most of the articles are just surface layer info or promo info for the group.

I am a type 1 rider what are your typical hours per training session. What are you using to manage your diabetes. These are critical in the nutritional aspect.

Currently using novolog and lantus and have been averaging around 5-6hrs riding a week. Usually when I do longer rides my BG will drop enough that I can intake 20-40 carbs an hour but this is nowhere near the 60-90 that individuals without diabetes can ingest and taking additional insulin during a ride would be dangerous.

Yes being on shots is always gonna be a crutch in your riding without a pump and a cgm to regulate insulin flow based off of bg readings youre at a disadvantage when it comes to carb managment

How often do you add additional insulin during a ride with a pump? I do have a CGM and I use my readings to determine when to eat during rides.

I never add additional insulin as far as an additional bolus is concerned however my pump does read my bg and will send microboluses to try and maintain a 150mg bg reading. I just try and keep a healthy amount of carbs per hour delivery to my body. The pump is essentially acting as an artificial pancreas helping to breakdown the carbs and sugars into usable energy

that is awesome, I know pump techology has been improving significantly. How long have you had the “aritificial pancreas” setup? do you keep the pump in a bib or jersey pocket?

I have had the pump since April 2019. Raced an entire season on it without no lows. For short races (sub 1.5 hrs) where I only will be carrying a bottle the pump goes in the jersey pocket. For longer rides where tools, plugs, a cell phone, ect. are needed I clip the pump on my waist pack. I usually open a pack of Clif chews and stick all 6 of them to my top tube for a quick easily accessible source of carbs. I load my bottles with skratch labs or precision hydration mix depending on length of race. Skratch for shorter rides ph 1000 for longer rides where sodium replacement is critical for me. I have a high sodium loss in long rides and use pH to replace that loss to prevent cramping. The tubing on the pump is long enough to reach to both locations and so far haven’t had any snagging issues.

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