Any Type 1 Diabetics in here?

I’m curious if there are any type 1 diabetics in here and if you want to share your nutrition strategy for rides over an hour.

I use a Dexcom and am on multi-daily injections. I didn’t like using the pump for various reasons. I like to try and keep my blood sugar between 110 mg/dl (6.1 mmol) and 150 mg/dl (8.3 mmol). If I go much higher than that, I just don’t feel that good.

All of my nutrition on the bike is based on eating enough gels, or not eating and maybe giving myself some insulin to stay in that range. I found that for most rides less than an hour I can keep it steady without any gels. If it’s much longer, I start using up gel packs. If I am doing some really hard climbs or sprints my blood sugar levels will go up and I will need a little insulin to shuttle that glucose into the muscles and out of my blood stream.

I know a lot of “normal” riders will “carb up” so they have plenty of fuel. I’m wondering if other Type 1’s do that and how you make that work without spiking your blood sugar levels.

I would love to connect with some other type 1 riders and see how they handle it. I would REALLY love it if the TrainerRoad podcast was able to get some of the riders from Team Novo Nordisc on the podcast to talk frankly about blood sugar levels and how they manage it for such long periods of time on the bike.


Not a type 1 myself but I know someone who ran a marathon using the information on this website -

They said it’s one of the best resources they’d found as it took into account different intensity durations and all the pumps/sensors etc and helped them get a handle on the effects of training and how to fuel and adjust. Hope it helps in some way as the person I know doesn’t let their type 1 get in the way of them doing anything - and I hope it doesn’t for you.


That’s awesome! I look forward to reading that. Thank you!

Not one bit. If anything it might be a little chip on my shoulder that give me more fuel!

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T1 diabetic here (36 years), I’m uk, none pump (lantis and novorapid)

Team Type 1 on FB and Zwift is a good place to hang out (they have there own kit and everything)

I try not to micro adjust when out riding, reducing my long and short acting before riding, so start the ride slightly high and let it come down, it’s a difficult balancing act between controlling sugar levels and eating enough to ride (like what a normal would do)

I tend to solo long distance rides, reducing insulin, but do short (30 mile) fast chain gang rides, where I take a little extra insulin (stress)

Diabetic Athlete book helped me a few years back, but can’t rememmber actually how good it was

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Type 1 here (for 25 years), based in uk

Over an hour, I dont tend to do anything unless my blood starts to drop (using my CGM), in which case I might usually take 20g of carbs or possibly 40g.

If im on a long ride (from 2 up to 7/8 hours), I reduce my basal insulin by 25% and then take on 60-80 g of carbs an hour without any bolus. At a cafe stop ill take a half bolus for meals and ill just adjust on the road using my CGM which streams to the garmin.

Its tricky and as type 1 diabetes is a royal pain in the ass at the best of times, the same thing never works every time even if the conditions are exactly the same, but I have to say, the pump and CGM are invaluable to me as a cyclist.

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