Do the big weekend rides dominate the day for any of you?

Last weekend was the last weekend of SSBMV2, meaning it was Leconte and Wright Peak back to back.

Workouts like that make me so hungry and so tired for the entire rest of the day! All I want to do after is eat and take a nap.

It feels like they basically dominate my weekend. No way could I do another bike ride or much more than a dog walk on those days!

Anyone else have this experience?

Yeah. I’m in SSBHV2. I try to get them done as early as possible. Once I’m done I do , in fact, eat and take a nap! After that I feel ok and usually it’s still before noon. So I’ve got the rest of the day. I probably wouldn’t do another ride, but I can still go for a short hike or visit a museum or whatever non-strenuous things I might want to do.

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Yeah I’d say so. Full distance Triathlon base had me doing Appalachian for three and a half hours. You spend some time the night before, and the first part of your morning prepping bottles, nutrition and kit. Then by the time you’re ready and on the bike, you see your whole morning completely gone. When you get off the bike you’re so hungry and just want to sit and watch some football. But there are family obligations and you know you have a group run in the morning which should go an hour and a half. There goes your weekend!

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I try to eat a little more before and during my rides, then have a hearty recovery drink or preferably a decent -sized meal right after to curb the huge appetite later. Most weekends it works, sometimes it doesn’t.

I had this problem regularly last year, but it has disappeared with better fueling before, during and after. At least some carbs before maybe 50g, then working up to 90g/hr on the bike, then big recovery food after. Unless it’s a 5-6 hour day, I’m pretty functional after anything now.


I exaggerate a little about being really hungry after the ride. I’m not a very good cyclist (to put it lightly) but I’m world class at taking on calories. I’ve also never been picky about my calorie sources. Gels, Gatorade, Maltodextrin/Fructose, PB&Js(2) and a banana. Bowl of oatmeal for pre-ride breakfast.

The time commitment of ironman training means that every weekend is training focused until after the event. 30 weekends to go.


As others above have mentioned, fuel better before and during the ride. This will keep you from being so worn out afterwards as well as curbing the post ride need to eat everything in sight. By doing the aforementioned, I typically only need/want a protein shake followed by a normal sized breakfast. More importantly, I am functional post-ride and able to meet family obligations (wife and 2yr old twins). Happy wife happy life!


I do all of my rides in the evening, also the 2h+ rides, after the kids went to bed. After the workout a small snack, some time with the wife and then long sleep. So usually my days are not too much dominated by the workouts.

But yes, sometimes the next morning until lunch or later I do feel quite smashed.

I have the same problem. I am SS GranFondo Mid Volume Base 2 and these back to back 1.5 & 2.0 hr SS workouts kill me. I now separate them with 1 day in between but not sure how that will affect my overall training. I am repeating the last 2 weeks before Build, maybe that will help?

I used to feel like this after my Saturday group ride. What cured me was doing real base miles. Two winters ago I did 10 weeks of low intensity base miles for the first time and I finally built up enough endurance that the 3 hour group ride no longer thrashed me for the day.

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