Fueling Short Turnaround Workouts

My first post, so hopefully y’all take it easy on me (I’ve tried searching for an answer). Trying to find a reasonable nutrition plan for short turn around between SS workouts.

Out of town this weekend and after dinner this evening, I did hunter -2 (took in 90g of carbs and via 4.5 servings of skratch while on the bike) and will get back on the bike at 5am tomorrow for Geiger +2. I’d typically eat a piece of toast & jelly + black coffee and munch on a banana on the bike, but I’ve not done two workouts without a real meal in between.

I’m eating some cottage cheese and two dates as I type this but should I consider something more substantial this evening? Or don’t worry about it and just fuel as i ride tomorrow and eat a real meal afterwards.

Trying to not dig any nutrition holes early on in HV SSB.

This is only my 3rd week on TR, but I’ve been listening to podcast for a while and just discovered the forum recently. Thanks in advance.

There’s a post here that mentions eating a bowl of oatmeal the night before with success.

Personally most of my workouts are in the early morning or around lunch time so I’ve not had to eat late to fuel the next one.

I’ve done Geigar+2 on a piece of toast/jam and coffee with hydration/carb mix during without any issues.

Sidebar but it’s crazy that 90g carbs is 4.5 servings of Skratch. It’s tasty stuff but the carbs to dollar ratio is way off compared to Maurten, Tailwind, Gu, and others.

Was fine on toast & jelly & coffee plus about 90g carbs during ride. 60g of Skratch and a banana. Was a little concerned at first as HR & RPE was quite elevated during spin ups & 1st interval but they both actually decreased over course of workout, which I think is a first for me.

Cottage cheese & blueberries while taking kids to school. Looking forward to a real meal.