Legs vs. Cardio, Warming Up, Speed Wobbles and More – Ask a Cycling Coach 215

Join us live for Episode 215 of the Ask a Cycling Coach Podcast! We’ll be discussing the common saying of legs or lungs failing first and the science behind that, what happens in your body during a warmup, what speed wobbles actually are and how to avoid them, and much more! Tune in on YouTube this Thursday, August 8 at 8:00am Pacific.

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Coach Chad’s recommended workouts to increase anaerobic work capacity (AWC):


Would be amazing if this discussion could touch on the related question I had from the previous podcast, which is the relative importance of power (through intensity) and HR (through duration) in vo2 intervals…


Thanks @martinheadon!

You bring up some really good questions here. I passed along those to the rest of the podcast team, and we will see if that is something we can include. Stay tuned!


Thanks Tucker! I might even tune into this one before I’ve finished listening to the last one…

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Definitely! We are live now. Join us if you can! :+1:

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Only 30 mins into this and yet again blown away by Coach Chads knowledge!

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I had really bad speed wobbles on my TT bike, got made way worse by cars passing when I was descending, thought it was the added wind and turbulence from the car giving the front wheel a wobble. Then discovered that the tubeless sealant has solidified in the tyre essentially unweighting the wheel. Cleaned out the tyre and it sorted the problem.


OK don’t attack me but, if there’s one thing which will make me stop listening to the podcast it’s triathlon chat, sorry but isn’t it “TrainerRoad, making you a faster cyclist” not runner, not swimmer, there has to be a triathlon podcast out there surely.

I get there are general fitness tips which apply, and I’d listen to the cycling aspect to it, but talking about running and swimming, nah, not for me.


@Jonathan just wanted to thank you for talking about your feelings toward riding on the road, and wanting to move away from it (except in racing). We (in Austin) have had several tragic deaths of cyclists over the last few years and, although I didn’t know them well, it really affected how I feel about heading out on the road (especially alone). This year I have done the majority of my training rides indoors, interspersed with drill/handling sessions in a local park, more riding off-road (cross and mountain bike), and racing a weekly crit. Most of my cycling friends still ride outside and I am the ‘unsociable’ one. It is just hard to explain to others. But being an introvert, I am pretty used to it and happy with my new routine. :slight_smile: Keep up the great work!


They have triathlon training plans; it’s part of their offering.


I know that, what’s in them, have never looked.

I’m not a triathelete either (or a mountain biker) but still feel could learn lot from it - especially about how to approach a new event but also how to manage training loads and fit in for major event with a busy job/life etc.

I view it as think about what you might learn and could apply rather than saying “that’s not exactly what I do so can’t learn from it”. It is still endurance training and I’ve learnt lots from runners in past about progression and injury management especially.


The full run of the following:

  1. Base, Build and Speciatly phases.
  2. All three volumes: Low, Mid, High
  3. For all common distances: Sprint, Olympic, Half Distance (70.3), Full Distance (140.6)

Each of those above contain Swim, Bike and Run training prescribed for each week in the plans. It’s actually a huge offering that pretty much equals the time and effort required for all the different cycling disciplines that they also support.

They made a notable effort for the triathlon field to support the athletes from the beginning to end of each distance a person could hope to choose.


I’ve had the same missing through axle panic that Nate had. Now I always store the axles in the frame every time I take the wheels off.

I know Nate is CEO and others are not, but there is something to be said from leading from the front
Whenever he does an event the other two seem to have to drop all their plans and support him (L100 being just on example)
Which I like - it shows real camaraderie; but it needs to be shared

Now Jonathan is doing L100 and Nate was going to pay favour back, but in last week he has bailed so he can chase Cat 2 points.
Its their company and they can run it as they want, I just think bailing on a colleague in last week is not a fantastic show of leadership. Maybe thats just me though !


Sorry, but this honestly sounds a bit like those teenage girls saying about One Direction “…and Liam gave Harry a shoutout on Instagram this week but not Louis, omg the drama, have they fallen out?”.

We don’t actually know the guys, or have access to their diaries, or know what conversations and agreements have passed between them. Until Jonathan or Chad quits TR and posts an angry blog about it, I’m going to assume that they’re generally getting along as well as three guys running a company and making a podcast need to.


Re the speed wobble question - this happened to me first time ever on my Trek Speed Concept in a 70.3, fast (55km/h), downhill, and started while cornering. It was windy too.

I had no idea what caused it so took the bike to my local shop and turns out I had “lots of loose bolts” holding my front end together. Once fixed it’s never happened again

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In general terms, I agree. I’m not into triathlon at all and I’m not much up for hearing about it.

But…I found the athlete interviews posted from Kona really engaging and so I’m going to put some faith in Nate, Jonathan and Chad to make it worth listening to.

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Regarding running pace (first question answered during the podcast), here’s a simple chart I created to compare common distances and finishing times and their respective paces: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1EYtPSgHob-GbeGoaNsU1UzGNz7TLnsWEsNoFDqBQXos/edit?usp=sharing, feel free to make it your own (add to your Drive) and edit as desired

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