Disruption to Full Triathlon Plan

I am currently in a Full Triathlon, High Volume plan, with 3 weeks left until I complete the first base phase and enter build (so far good results with a 17+ watt increase in FTP). I just sustained a running injury that might require some time off but I will still be able to cycle. Is it possible to switch to a sustained build plan and then go back to my plan builder plan once I ramp my running back up? Or should I just do “train now” on top of the plan builder plan? I want to cycle more because I am not running but I feel weird about trashing the plan builder plan that was supposed to take me through to my A race next July.

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Hey there. It really depends on the injury and recovery I suppose but in almost all scenarios I would continue with the FD plan.

If you can, deep water running is a good substitute, and (small amount) of strength work can be introduced.

The great thing about triathlon is that almost always you can do one of the other sports - swimming is good for virtually any injury, and every triathlete can always do with more swimming.

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Thanks for the feedback. I can’t motivate myself to substitute anything for actual running but I don’t think I’ll lose too much as long as I can still swim/bike. I want to look at this as an opportunity to bike more.

@JoeX usually has really good advice, and this isn’t any different.

For a running injury, I’d really look at his advice of subbing aqua-jogging or swimming instead of biking. 3 hrs more of swimming a week will benefit your tri-run more than an extra 3 hours of biking.

Once you’re beyond the initial phase of your injury, consider using you’re scheduled runs for PT instead (or better yet, swimming followed by PT!)

Sorry to hear about the running injury. :frowning:

If you’re looking to cycle more but maintain your Plan Builder plan, using TrainNow to add in some extra cycling workouts could be helpful – especially on days when you originally had a swim/run workout planned.

Make sure not to do too much extra, though – we don’t want the running injury to flare up worse! Be sure to be mindful of how your body is feeling as you add in some extra cycling volume in lieu of your running.