Go Back to Sweetspot or Build (TT's Cancelled due to Covid19)

Hi All understandably the TT’s in UK have been cancelled till 1st July ATM.
I had worked through the three builds and was/am in the TT Specific block, now that seems to be the wrong thing as racing is postponed.
Tried the plan builder using A race in June (?) it puts in 2 blocks of 6 weeks of SS then 5 weeks of build and a week of TT specific rest then TT again…
Would you go with that ? or just go back to Build the plan builder won’t know that I have already completed SS (assume it doesn’t check your calendar)
Advice appreciated.

you can back date the start of your training in plan builder if you did a ‘standard’ run up to this point it’ll basically repeat that and calculate your plan out moving forward. This doesn’t really work if you had breaks in the plan.

When and what kind of riding is your new June A race?

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Do TT’s club 10’s on Tuesdays , 25’s on some Saturdays so just picked one in June (18th) ,obviously might not go ahead but need to work to something.

I just looked at your calendar and it seems you only did 6 weeks of sweet spot base, 1 phase of sustained power build and a lot of ramp tests with some undesirable results.

Personally, if it were me, I’d make the best use of all this spare time you’ll find yourself with and get in lots of base. Do sweet spot base 1 and 2 and then sustained power build again.

It’s not recommended that you do 2 build phases back-to-back


I did do 12 weeks Blocks 1 and 2 tho was sick around early December also all of my Sunday sessions were outside until start of this year where I decided to go 100% TR.
So your essentially saying go with what he planner built out for me .
Cheers for the advice.

More or less. The plan builder has proven to work pretty well for a lot of people. However, there’s nothing stopping you from making your own base, build, speciality progression if you don’t have any confirmed events that you need to peak for.


You might want to spend 4-6 weeks doing something different, work on a weakness.

As a TT guy, I tend to focus on TTE at FTP for 25 mile events or for 10 mile tests, CP20. Over time that leads to having less good numbers for short power (a flat power curve). I’ve seen benefit to my riding from adding in 4-6 weeks of Short Power Build blocks from time to time.

Since you’ve been doing a lot of SST in the TR plans, might also be worth trading out the Sunday SST/FTP for longer Z2 efforts. That will help with foundation and TTE.

Depending where you are in your training evolution and mental powers to stick with plans, mixing things up a bit might be both useful and enjoyable.

FWIW… we are in same boat here. Guys were training for April 1 - early July TT Series. Now that won’t happen but we may move events to summer and fall so they have to reset. The guys I work with, I’m taking them toward TTE work as opposed to repeating base and build. Work on raising the foundation. Once we know when racing will happen again a quick 6-8 week touch up will have them flying at race pace.

Good luck!!



It’s difficult because nobody can say when their next event is actually going to be, so personally I’d go off where you think you sit as an athlete and what you could work on.
In my case, i’m a pretty new athlete, and with more time on my hands now i’m probably going to hit SSB as that’s probably the best avenue for improvement in my case. (not to mention it’ll be fairly easy to transition into a build-specialty block once I know what I’m doing event-wise without having to worry about fatigue from doing a million builds back to back, which is really what I’d like to do :laughing:)
Focusing on a weakness is a great idea too. I was previously lamenting my difficulty with v02 work, but wasn’t really able to focus on that more in the midst of a half-distance build. So I guess that’s a positive.

All good points - we don’t know if there will be any UK tt this year - I did my first and probably only last Saturday…I’m going to go back to base by just riding outside at the weekend and doing 90 mins tempo/SS during the week. If it looks like racing may start I’ll add some V02 max stuff…not perfect but the season is FUBAR anyway! :laughing:

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Well now you’ve got no excuse to try all the plans! :+1:

Normally I’m upbeat but this has the making of lasting a long time. I hope I’m wrong - I was about F&M when I forecast the other way.

I vote focus on weaknesses, just make it like an extended off season. You can still generally build your aerobic engine at the same time and, if it’s a weakness, muscular endurance, and that’s really all that “base” is. Base is really just general preparation, as opposed to the (race or goal effort)-specific preparation that you get in build and specialty. What i’d do is take a moment to assess your strengths and weaknesses and do a cycle of trying to improve them, then reevaluate.

The plan builder will help you progressively move towards the needs of your event, but your strengths and weaknesses (you may need to modify the plan to best address them) and how your body is responding to the training are moving targets that the plan builder can’t really tell you much about. I’d use the time to experiment, you can always jsut go back to plan builder later.