Discourse forum reply bug? Anyone else?

Maybe it’s me, but I’ve seen a lot more posts that seem to be replies of another reply, but aren’t displayed that way and looks just like a reply to the OP. I just replied to someone and it seemed to happen to that post as well. Am I just seeing things?

Can you share a link or screen shot of what you mean?

There are three main ways to reply, and they lead to different appearance:

  1. Reply to “Thread”. Can be done with the side or bottom “Reply” button, and is not shown as a reply to a specific post.

  2. Reply to the very last post, from clicking the “Reply” button within the bounds of the desired post to respond.

  3. Reply to a post that is not the last one, from clicking the “Reply” button within the bounds of the desired post to respond. (Note, this is a similar result if you highlight in a reply, to snag a quite, and use that to initiate the reply).

Are you seeing something different than these results?

PS, for clarity of discussion and future search, this is running Discourse (not Disqus).

It looks like Killroy123 was replying to a reply, but it doesn’t show that he was. And then I replied to him, and it also doesn’t show that I did. And then he probably also replied to me and it doesn’t show that he did. It could be user error, but I’m pretty sure I clicked on the reply link under his post, not the red button.

Is it just because they are in order?

  • Assuming that each reply (his to the one above that we can’t see), yours to him, and the final one from him were all in direct response to the post immediately above, there is no “connection” shown. It is “assumed / understood” to be a response to that one directly above.
  • Those seem to follow either #1 or #2 that I described above, based on your description and the evidence. If there were replies to posts further up (but not the lead post?), they would show a connection like #3 in my examples above.

Edit to add: I found the related thread. As Killroy was replying to TheOtherOne, immediately above his post, I think this is all working as expected. A comment directly under one, can be assumed to be a response to that above, unless there is a “connection” at the top right, like my #3 example above.

  • Additionally, if you click on those “connections” it will expand or jump to the relevant post that was replied to. This allows for more clarity about the related comment (see pic, that shows the connection as clicked and shows the reference).