2021 Specialized Diverge released

Yes. I have a stages on mine and it fits no problem


You were totally right about the bars while descending. They are very comfortable while going downhill in the drops. Still getting used to the hand positions in the hoods, but love them in the drops.

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After almost 8 months I still haven’t gotten used to the hoods :man_shrugging:.

Did they make this frame somewhat streamlined? Or are we talking big round tubes?

Was your Stigmata the older geometry? They changed the geometry in 2018 or 2019.

I had the older geometry. Was more cross then gravel back then.

New Diverge feels much longer and the reach is a big change from the Stigmata. That said it handles great. Feels very nimble when I hit any single track.

I wasn’t sure about using it for cross, but I’m curious to hopefully give it a try in the Fall.

Thanks–I had tried the old Diverge and it just felt very “minivan”, and was seriously considering the new-geometry Stigmata. I haven’t pulled the trigger because then the whole COVID-19 situation happened and I was less interested in spending $4k+ on a new bike, but I still want to get something. And then I keep wondering if I should just get a new mtn bike instead… but I want to try the new Diverge, just to see how it is. The “nimble” comment is quite interesting to me.

From what I read a lot of the geometry changes were inspired by the current Epic which I also have and the similarities are noticeable. I had the old version of the Epic as well and that thing was definitely a “minivan” while the new Epic geometry is much more “nimble”.

I was tempted to keep the Stigmata and use it as cross only bike, but I just dabble in cross only for fun and having a dedicated bike for it didn’t make sense. However after a few rides on the Diverge I think it’ll work just fine for my cross needs.

Thanks for the comparison with the Epic–that’s really helpful!
I’m hoping to try out the new Diverge soon, so I can see what I think. The “minivan” feeling was pretty clear in a short test ride, so I’m hoping I’ll have a different impression. And then I have the really difficult decision what to do… I’m going to put a new chain on my 1999 mtb in the meanwhile. It’s old and heavy relative to these new bikes, but it will remind me whether I really want a new mtb or one of these new-fangled gravel bikes.

I’ve found a diverge in stock!
But it is the Base carbon, so not sure if I should wait out for the next mode up to get the 2x, better wheels, future shock 2.0, compartment in frame.

Can much be done to get an easier gear on the apex 1x?

Has anyone got the Base Carbon that can share their thoughts on it?

I have a new Diverge Base Carbon in the Clay colour. I love it.
I’m used to riding a SuperSix Evo with Sram Red AXS and Zipp 303NSW wheels, the Diverge doesn’t feel too sluggish at all even with 40mm tyres on.

I’m thinking of upgrading the wheels but kinda enjoy having the cheap components to smash about off-road.
The storage would be nice but then again, it’s a bike not a wardrobe :smile:

Sorry to Tag you on this @DaveWh @mcneese.chad . Having red this post a few time I know you had a pretty good grasp on the stack, reach and F.S spacing.
My current bike, Cervelo 56, riding with 20mm headset spacer and 6degree 100mm stem (angled down).

Which of the size of the diverge would be better to get similar to my Cervelo? (Occasionally I put a 80mm stem on my Cervelo). Also bearing in mind the Diverge will be used for longer endurance rides and 100km gravel races.

Kind regard

I’ll put the numbers into my spreadsheet when I get the chance. A couple of questions:

  1. On your current stack - you say a 20mm headset spacer. Is there any top cap in addition to the spacers?

  2. What’s the current distance from the crank to the surface of your saddle, measured along the seatpost?

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Don’t have exact numbers to help here, but I’ve ridden a 54 on every bike I’ve ever owned (almost 20 years and 10+ bikes!) When I got my size 54 Diverge the reach felt like too much at first and I was thinking I should have sized down. The stack however was totally fine.

I also considered a shorter stem and changing the handlebars, but ultimately decided to give it a couple weeks. I’m totally used it now and it measures pretty darn close to my road bike fit. Unless you are one of those people whose fit is right in between sizes I’d suggesting going with the size you normally ride.


Hi @DaveWh
Yeah headset cap is the stock FSA which looks to be about 7mm

Centre of crank to seat is about 75.5cm.

This is with the 20mm spacer taken out and the 80mm stem on.

Here’s a table comparing saddle to bar vertical and horizontal distance of the 54 and 56 Diverge, with the two setups of your Cervelo.

Do you have a fit you are targeting on the Diverge? e.g. matching the 100mm or 80mm stem setup on the Cervelo? Something in between? Less aggressive than either?

All-in, I’d probably say go for the 56… unless you are targeting a saddle-to-bar drop in the 8-10cm range.


Note: Its probably worth checking my calculations on your Cervelo my measuring your current saddle to bar drop. The calculations in the table are to the center of the bars (tops), so the drop to the top of the bars will be a little less.

And another caveat - I’m not a certified bike fitter. I just know how to do geometry (I think!).


That is awesome info thanks. I will cross check it on the Cervelo to check. And 100% accept your not a bike fitter!

I have only ridden a gravel bike a few times, so wasn’t to sure on what is favourable for them with the longer rides, with regards to stack and reach.

I feel a little stretched out when on my Cervelo, that is why I have been trying to the 80mm stem. I’ve ridden the last few years with the 20mm spacer and 100mm stem, but have been looking to get a little lower to get more aero.

I certainly don’t think I would want any lower drop than my Cervelo, but a shorter reach would be nice.

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I’m 5’9” and ride a 54 on the Diverge. Fits perfect. I’m in between 54 and 56 on a Trek Domane, and chose the 56 (It fits fine, but if I had a do over I’d have chosen the 54 so I could maybe hand it down to my wife!).

For a more relaxed gravel fit vs your Cervelo, I’d guess the 56 Diverge could work well for you. If the downturned stem is not relaxed enough, flip it, and saddle to bar drop would be 5cm, with horizontal distance of 67cm.

One thing to note about the Diverge is that the stock carbon seatpost is setback. So you’ll likely need to slide the saddle forward to compensate.

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