Kudos TR graphic design

TrainerRoad has done a great job with the graphic design of their website and apps. This makes the training experience so much better since we are staring at the screen for hours each week. Kudos to the graphic design team!


I like website but don’t like calendar screen on both app and Mac. I think both should be. Horizontal not vertical like the one on web site

Ditto - please let whoever worked on the forum know that it’s great. The whole flow, functionality and notifications process is excellent.

Just one question - how do I quote someone else’s post in a reply - just when I’m wanting to be very clear which particular post I am replying to?

@Alex @chelsea @Nate_Pearson

Nice! Glad to hear ya like it, @jonbar123! We’re super keen on the Forum’s design and functionality, too! (I’ll pass your praise along. :slight_smile: )

Good question! Discourse (the platform this Forum is hosted on) makes quoting someone else’s reply pretty easy. Here’s what you can do:

  1. Highlight the contributor’s text you’d like to quote.
  2. Click the “Quote” option that will automatically appear.
  3. The snippet of selected text you’d like to quote will appear in the reply you’re building like so:
  4. Type in your response to the quoted text.

I hope this helps!



Also, the easiest way to quote and entire post is to click the bubble icon (next to the “B” for bold), at the top left of the reply window.

(I’d screen shot, but finishing a workout on the trainer :stuck_out_tongue: )


It does!! Thank you :blush:


Likewise! :clap: