Forum topic user response icons

This is quite trivial but…I notice the user icons for responses go from right to left for the most recent responses. Shouldn’t they go from left to right since that is the way we read?


At first I noted the same, and then realized it’s a timeline and natural way to view it from that perspective

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Maybe I am dislexic :crazy_face:, but I still think the most recent should be on the left.

lol, not dyslexic however I’m guessing its baked into the Discourse forum software that TR adopted.

Yep, that’s something baked into the Discourse platform we use. Once you figure out the pattern though, your brain catches on pretty quick :wink:

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:+1: and hovering also gives hints if you forget:

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Conundrum solved :face_with_monocle: and stress relieved :cold_sweat:. Thanks.

Speaking on behalf of engineers and software developers, sometimes we do completely logical things that are not logical to most people. Just ask my wife when I tried explaining why BMW engineers thought it was logical to shift in reverse by pushing the gear lever forward :rofl: