Erg mode still irregular

I think it may relate to my trainer (KK smart trainer)
Im happy with it a lot of the time ,and the workouts seem to feel about right.Occasionally Ive struggled, and that is usually because Im tired, or my guts are not quite right. I dont mind that. But what bothers me more is when in ERG mode sometimes the power Im (apparently producing ) creeps up and some way over the recommended power. Usually I deal with this by upping the intensity by 5-10 % till the RPE feels right. Or I put it into resistance mode. Today was ridiculous though ,because I did Carillon and looking at the data my power max was 714 watts, for a short period. If only! I am small 110 lb female rider, and can only manage 500 w. at a push. I m wondering if the best way round this is to bin my KK and get a better trainer. I was hoping I wouldnt have to , as most of the time its fine. Its just the discrepancy , and whatever mood the trainer is in that day. The only difference being that I pumped up my tyre which had gone down a bit over the last 6 weeks.And I felt quite strong today, having had a rest day yesterday.
What trainers does anyone on here recommend I get? What works well in erg mode? Would prefer the wheel out variety ,if those are not more pricey. Any other ideas welcome. And no, sadly my FTP hasn`t risen suddenly, though I do pedal much smoother and fast cadence ,and I have got stronger since being on TR

Sorry ,forgot this bit.
How do I put a copy of my data for todays ride on here?
Havent done it before. Otherwise can you look at it? my username is Lydiagould

Here is a link, to a workout in question:

  1. Have you worked with Kinetic and/or TrainerRoad on this trainer ERG issues?

  2. Looking at the workout, the cadence data is very erratic. What device are you using for the cadence info?

  3. Do you feel your cadence is as variable as shown in the graph, or is there some bad data?

My cadence is not generally variable. My usual cadence is 95-120 . I can also pedal smoothly at 60 . It must be bad data, and I have noticed on screen it is up and down. I ignored that, as most of the time the workouts are ok. I do like erg mode when its working ok, as I find it harder to keep the power level on res mode. I have asked TR but didnt get any enlightenment except that Kinetic can be a problem. As long as it doesn't relate to my slow internet .I live in a rural area and the internets a bit up and down.
I think , ultimately the answer is to get another trainer. What do you use, ? In the meantime, I will try again with TR, incase they have anymore suggestions. Thanks for your help and for looking at my data

Yes, sadly I hear of too many issues with Kinetic like you describe. They just don’t seem to be as reliable as the other brands (notes below…).

I have several trainers and am happy with all of them. Cycleops H2 (Hammer2), Wahoo Kickr 2017, and Tacx Neo 2. I like them all, but the H2 is my favorite for ERG use. The flywheel mass and overall feel is unmatched for my use.

The current model is the Saris H3, which has a quieter belt design. I’d like to upgrade to it, but have seen enough issues with it (belt slipping and klunking sounds) that I am not willing to buy at the moment. I have similar concerns on the current Wahoo Kickr 2018 and Core, as they have seen continued issues. The Tacx Neo 2T had some early teething pains, but seems better now. If I had to buy a top end trainer today, it would be the Neo.

Also, if you have the option or are willing to spend a bit of money, a dedicated cadence sensor for the bike might be a useful too for analysis and to know you have good cadence data. Even the best trainers can still give some errant data in certain conditions.

Thanks Chad, I have been looking at the Tacxx, Neo 2T , possibly the Cycleops H2.
I have a 4iiii crank on my other road bike which I only use outside.
So the other roadbike I use on the trainer, so I don’t relate either to the other. Which means as long as I have consistency on the trainer, That is fine ,but I`m losing my rag a bit with the Kinetic, so an upgrade is forthcoming.
Anyone lend me a few quid?? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

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