Difficult / Difficult / Easy or Difficult / Easy / Difficult - Does it make any difference?

Hi there

For my high volume plan, if I have 6 workouts a week, 2 easy, 2 moderate and 2 difficult, does it make any difference if I plan my week as

Easy - Difficult - Moderate - Difficult - Moderate - Easy

VS if I plan it like

Moderate - Easy - Difficult - Moderate - Difficult - Easy

I play soccer once a week and I want to plan my bike training week to be able to do both. I am thinking a moderate workout the day I play soccer, an easy one the next day as active recovery and then Intense Moderate Intense Easy but wondering if the order would make any difference in the overall result

Thanks for your advice

They have addressed reordering the workouts on the podcast and the resounding consensus was this:

As long as you are getting the work in, and you can recover between the workouts fine, then you are fine.

I’d see how you feel near the end of the moderate difficult moderate days, but as long as you are recovering, that’s what’s important.


Thanks @dfquigley … I am going to look for the Podcast where this was addressed