Is the workout order important?


Does it matter in which order you do the workouts? Next week some of my evenings are time limited. I just swapped some of the workouts around in the calendar. Does @chad have them set in a specific order to force certain adaptations over the week?



Within a given week, not very important, with one notable comment.

However you plan to shift them, make sure that you can hit each workout with the intended duration and intensity. Try to avoid stacking 2 hard workouts side-by-side, or you may find the 2nd workout not possible.

Also, make sure you think about the week to follow a bit too. Having a hard one on Sunday and Monday the following week could be just as bad as two b2b in the same week.

Overall, anything goes as long as you can hit each workout as intended.


I like to get my toughest workout in the bank early in the week. I’ve got to say the new calendar features let me plan that as if Chad’s plotted them out that way :slightly_smiling_face:


Why did i not think of this?! This sounds like a good plan to me! I always look at the weekend for the longer/harder ride but maybe doing the 1.5 hr on the Tuesday with the shorter ones on Friday and weekend would be a better plan :thinking:

I try to structure my week like this.

Monday - Hard
Tuesday - recovery spin
Wednesday - hardish
Thursday - off
Friday - hardish
Saturday - Hard
Sunday - off/recovery spin

It works well for me as it fits in with my work life and when my girlfriend is at the gym (…not sure if the latter is cause or effect though)

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