Hard, moderate or easy activity?

It’s always Easy on Easy and Hard on Hard days. How can I see from my values for an activity whether the workout was easy, moderate or hard?

In this workout the intervals were hard but the whole workout was moderate.

This was a hard day workout.

By which values do you recognize that it is a hard day? For me it could also be a moderate day.

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Don’t overthink it, workout estimation is subjective.

For example, I estimate “easy” or “moderate” if I want specific PL progress faster, or “hard” / “very hard” if I need to spend little bit longer at current level. Alternatively, you can decide by number of intervals you think you can still do (a la barely finished last interval or had to lower intensity for last interval → “very hard”, still can do one interval if really need to → “hard”, etc).

I imagine, AT might even create some kind of personalised scale, assigning some internal values to those words, depending how/when you used them and how you actually did hit target numbers/intervals, how you HR drifted, HR recovered etc etc


Do not overhink it. Was there intensity above z2? Hard day. Of course if it was 3x8@tempo your rpe will be low, so maybe the intervals should be way longer to make it hard day nad better use the time. Your example is good example of hard day. RPE for a whole workout was moderate, but how it was during intervals? If the vo2 max felt easy, go harder next time.

If you take into considerstion RPE of a workout not a hard part, then sprint training or FRC training will be considered easy day and those are taking big toll on the body. So when counting as a hard day or easy day focus on the main work part. And when your work part feels easy (you can consider it in terms of intensty or duration - 120mn@tempo will be hard day, even if the work itself is moderate intensity).