Easy v Moderate v Hard

Hi Everyone,

So last night I was completing Eyre +1 as part of my early season base training. Towards the end of the session I started thinking about how I would rate the workout for the survey.

For me the session wasn’t close to hard. It also wasn’t moderate for the totality and it tended towards the easy to moderate. I always select the more conservative choice (based on my gut feel of RPE) and thus chose Moderate.

So my question for the discussion is how do you make your choice. I assume for most of us the choice isn’t always absolute, so there will always be some sort of ‘decision’ to be made which way to go.

Add in RLGL, or the anti lizard brain ™ as I call it, and now I am trying to be super super honest with what I select.

What method do you use to decide what to select in the end of ride survey? I think this will make for an interesting discussion.

Links to known resources, in case you or others have not seen them:

Official support article:

Old forum topic that matches:

My very unofficial chart, that includes info derived from discussion with TR reps in the linked topic above. At the core here is:


Oh, that is a great reference. Thank you for posting it. Looks like I’ve been doing it right all along.

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I use the Official Unofficial Chart™ as above (thanks Chad!). If I have any sort of quandary then I go with the harder option.