Did the plans change?

Looks like the android app isn’t ready.

Workout levels are showing on the calendar on the website. Not seeing my personal level breakdown (yet?).

Also, the new plans are live, though. I would expect all the apps to be updated with the new workouts so you can do the new plans.

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Plans look much better. I think this is first part of AT being rolled out across the board

I used personal anecdote driven decisions to come to the same conclusion. :rofl:

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Any way to swap over to the updated plan if you’re already on a plan builder?

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I just started general build a week ago and now the plan is totally different, I am wondering if I should just go with the changes or do the workouts listed before the changes. I am leaning towards following the previous version

From the sounds of it, the new plans are set with better and more manageable progression, so my gut says run the new stuff for best results.

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This is probably old news, but the website is also showing progression levels for the custom workouts I made in the workout creator.


Hmm. I still don’t think I get the new base phases. I’m not sure how making base 1 as hard as base 2 and putting workouts from build in base 2 is making it more sustainable. What am I missing, but base seems to be more intense than it was before.

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Any chance on some clarity on the new SusPB and 40kTT plans. It seems without AT these plans at a glance wouldn’t be a very good progression for a 40kTT and leave a lot on the table.

Could be evidence that the AT pickup is going to increase quickly but in the meantime seems a bit sus

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Well, I guess Dylan Johnson will be happier about SSB1 HV.


What exactly are you using as the “as hard as” comparison?

  • TSS, Duration, Workout Levels???

Looking at Mid Vol SSB 1 & 2:

  • I see a definite Sweet Spot emphasis on the Tue/Thu of SSB1.
  • That changes to a VO2/Thres emphasis on Tue/Thu of SSB2.
  • Saturday steps up to higher level Threshold for SSB2.
  • Sunday seems identical between both phases.

That seems like SSB2 steps up in difficulty overall, but it’s not a massive jump, which might be a good thing when we look at the common complaints that TR’s old plans were too difficult?

Hard to say without comparison to the old plans, but I see a progression in the current SSB 1 to 2 steps.

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I feel like the ‘specialty’ has gone from specialty phase plans. They seem to be lacking the race like efforts.

But I’m starting climbing road race this week, switched to the new plan and still looking forward to trying it.

  • What does that look like?

@mcneese.chad I probably could of worded it better. Race simulations would of been better, I mean workouts like Mallory in Rolling Road, dardenelles in TT etc.

All of these plans were built individually, workout-by-workout, so no broad strokes were used. As such, we were able to leverage all of the data we have gotten from our ML and AT to be able to improve progressions but still make sure specific goals were being reached (hence all of the workouts that were created).

The Sustained Power Build and 40k TT plans have very clean and data-backed progressions that focus on raising threshold (Sustained Power Build) and then focus on race-specific intensity (40k TT) with a more substantial taper.

In which regard do you feel the new plans are lacking good progression or specificity?


First, it’s not really an objective assessment, just an eyeball test.

First, just seeing workouts that previously were in SSB2 in SSB1, including several difficult overunders including Warlow, McAdie, and Palisade. In Low Volume you have Leconte. Previously there was nothing really above Sweet Spot in SSB1.

Also just eyeballing the IF. I realize it’s not all the same, but the IF for SSB1 seems roughly similar to SSB2. And SSB2 seems a bit higher overall than it used to be with Threshold workouts right out of the gate and some workouts that previously were in Build.

My feeling prior was SSB1 was really noticeably easier than SSB2 and SSB2 was intense already, almost as intense as general build in my opinion. Now it seems there is nowhere to go hide, If you are new user, welcome to over-unders in your first week.


I think you are missing the context of what Workout Levels mean and how that compares to our perception of workouts in terms of difficulty. And to be clear, everybody is likely in the same boat, but the good news is that understanding will come around really quickly!

There have been many times when I see a workout and think, “That’s only a Level 3.8? No way! That’s way harder and no way I can do that even though I did a 3.6 last week.”. Then I do the workout and realize, “Oh, I guess it is a 3.8 and not too bad!” lol.

And same thing goes for the other way. I’ve had plenty of times where I think, “I can totally do that workout and no way it is a Level 6.7”, but then it destroys me because I’m only at a Level 4.

Point being, our perception of how hard a workout is, even if we’ve done it before, is not as accurate as the classification system provided by ML and AT.

As such, resetting expectations is a process we’ll all go through.

Specifically with these two plans, the goal is to bring about aerobic conditioning in the most effective way possible given the constraints. Leveraging the data provided by ML and AT that we currently have, these new plans are a more achievable and productive way to accomplish those goals.


You are probably right, since I’m not in the beta I haven’t been exposed to workout levels before. I am familiar with those workouts though and know what they require and they are coming up sooner in the progressions than before. Either way, I can manage, just seemed like a pretty dramatic increase in intensity in SSB1 versus what I previously considered to be a progression of TTE I thought was meant to be the base part of sweetspot base.