Did Carpathian Peak +2 yesterday - still suffering... Tips/Help needed

Hi Community,

as mentioned I did Carpathian Peak +2 yesterday and to be honest I was slightly underfueled (I guess) - just had half a bowl of porridge 2 hours before and 1 Clif Bar during (+0,6L Water +0,6L sugary drink) the workout. I just barely made it through and now I am still suffering 24 hours later. Legs are hurting, my head feels hot and I am feeling pretty sluggish as a whole…

Any tipps how to recover from that?? Have two workouts coming up this weekend…

I am currently in my second sweet spot base mid volume training plan (week 9)

thanks in advance!

Just listen to your body. Learn from your mistakes and try some low intensity riding before you jump in to more intensity


Eat lots and sit around doing very little for the day.

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Thats what I am trying to do - had 3 breakfasts today already :rofl:
Not doing much is unfortunetaly not so easy with work and a 3 year old super active boy :wink:

Will definitely learn from this mistake;-)

I’ve not listened to it yet but the latest TR podcast has a bit on recovery from overtraining. It may be a worthwhile listen.

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Your body might be trying to fight an infection of some sort and this could be a coincidence. Keep on top of your hydration and don’t skimp on good quality food and see how you feel tomorrow.