I have failed the first time🤪

Today at carpathian Peak +2. At the end of the last intervall. Altough i have reduced the intensity at the last two intervals about 2-3 %.
Tomorrow juneau-1 is on the Plan.
How can i prepare myself for tomorrow? I started eating carbs Like hell, anything else you can recommend🤔


Eat. :avocado::watermelon::tomato::corn::carrot:
Have a nap.:sleeping:
Eat healthy. :avocado::green_apple::grapes::apple::watermelon::tangerine::strawberry::tomato::corn::carrot:
Go to bed early.:sleeping::sleeping::sleeping:

Edit: you could also pray before early bed (jokes) :wink::grinning:


Hmm… sweet potato fries?



Shrug it off…seriously, just forget about it. You got through almost the entirety of the workout. You got the training in and will reap the benefits.

Fuel well today, sleep well, fuel properly during the ride tomorrow and go get it.


I did!

Doesn’t sound like anything to worry about.
It will be helpful if you include more information, for example , What training plan are you on (ss base?) Are you new to TR training? Have you done a FTP test on TR?
SS intervals are not meant to trash you, and although mentally hard you may find , as long as you eat ,drink (Not alcohol!) and recover, get a good nights sleep ,you should be fine the next day.
If you constantly feel you are struggling ,then you may need to lower the intensity, or your FTP. If it’s just you aren’t recovered well enough just take a day off and do Juneau the day after.
Good luck :biking_man: :smile:

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Im doing ssbmv, week 9.
Ftp should be ok.
Every workout in the last weeks were very fine ( i was already. thinking my ftp improved).
And it didnt really feel Like im really low with my sugarlevel ( i know how horrible this can feel).
My power was just fading away Over the workout.
I also tried to Do the last minute of the intervall standing but i had no Chance…

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Started with cadence of 95, at the last intervall 75.
Heartbeat about 175 in the intervals and my max is about 181

Doesn’t sound like a fail to me. Thats a tough workout with long intervals and I think dialing back 2-3% still keeps you ‘in zone.’ Feel good about completing a tough workout.


Well said.

I think it’s always helpful to remind ourselves that workouts aren’t “graded”.

If you hit your limit and have to dial it back, does it really matter? You’ve stressed your system sufficiently to drive adaptation, and that’s a win.


By letting go of today/yesterday. That’s done. Instead of looking at it as a failure, try and find the learnings. The next time you come across a workout like this, what can you tweak? Your cadence? Your fuelling? Look at this workout as a chance to learn.

Thanks for all your answers!
Im doing this all for fun, its not so dramatic…
Im only wondering, the last week i felt so Good during all the workouts that i recalibrated the Trainer several Times and thought about doing an extra ramp test because they were “easy”…

Greets from Austria!

Oh goodie, I have that workout in a week myself! :stuck_out_tongue:

We all really need to help remove this word from our training lexicon.

You did work. You stressed the system with purpose of making it stronger. It is 100% impossible to “fail” a workout.

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CP+2 is a lot tougher than J-1 - should be ok …just fuel up and go for it!

Thanks…yes, juneau today was no Problem :blush:


Well done! :smile: :biking_man: :biking_man: :biking_man: :avocado: :corn: :broccoli: :apple: :tangerine: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :chocolate_bar: :coffee: :coffee: