Failed first workout - redo or move on?

Had carpathian peak +2 in SSBMV2 today and couldn’t get through it. I have always struggled with threshold work more than sweet spot but I don’t think my heart was in it from the start - I was slightly hungover and one of my two fans were broken. I’m not saying these factors made me fail, but I went into it thinking I’d struggle and I didn’t bury myself as much as I could have. I limped through the end of the first block of 16 mins and then tried to start the second block but immediately switched to baxter.

I don’t have an A race for months so I can push my whole plan back by a day without any issues. I feel like I want to crack this workout to get some confidence going into the later threshold sessions like leconte. Would you redo the session tomorrow if you were in my position?

Ha ha, I had the same with Carpathian peak+2.I think your hangover + fans not working WERE the cause . Ive just bought a fan and its made a big difference.
Try and avoid alcohol, as it really does not help with recovery/hydration and so many other things .( I know, because I was a everyday drinker, wine 3 glasses/ evening), and I gave up in November, and the difference is phenomenal!!!


Sometimes you just don’t feel like doing a workout, no big deal in the greater scheme of things. On Tuesday I failed on Basin+1, miserably so, I didn’t even make it through the first interval :hot_face: Was a bit p’d off with it but decided to let it go. Got to the next “hard” workout, Kern+2 and sailed through it.

Choices are:

  1. Do the workout tomorrow but that would mean you’d need to do Juneau-1 as well on the same day.
  2. Skip the workout and put it down to experience.
  3. Repeat the whole week. You’d need use calendar to push next week’s workouts by a week and then copy this week’s into next week - use the three dots on the right of the page next to the week number to do this. Maybe rearrange the workouts and/or delete some to give you time to recover.

If you are doing the MV plans then you’ll have done similar over-under workouts in pt1 so unless you really feel the need to do this particular workout to address a weakness then it might be best to let it go.


I had to turn down Carpathian Peak +2 a few weeks ago. Since then I’ve been flying. Onwards and upwards I say, no need to dwell on it!

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Carpathian Peak +2 is a beast. Don’t redo it, just chalk it up to deleterious conditions and move on. Recommend working fans and not being hungover for Mary Austin, Spencer, Lamarck, and Leconte :laughing:


Thanks all. As an update, I redid it because I felt a bit rocked by failing it and wanted to prove to myself that I could do it. It went fine second time around - very hard but doable. I’m going to try to get back on the plan with Juneau this evening. I’m then going to turn Tuesday into my rest day and push the Tuesday session (Mills) to Wednesday and skip Pettit on Wednesday. I figure I ended up doing my easier ride (Baxter) at the weekend, so this re-shuffle is effectively just moving around my easy and rest days slightly. Hopefully doing Mills the day before Darwin won’t be too bad!



I “cheated” on the SSBMVII yesterday and rather enjoyed myself chasing a considerably faster friend over 45 km off-structure and outdoors (no power on my outside bike) .

And failed on Carpathian peak + 2 midway in the third interval.

I’ve decided to use the option 3 in your post above (and also to stick with the plan in future) .