General Power Build and Carpathian Peak +1

So I’m on General power build MV plan and got to almost the end of the first half and just hit a wall. I’d been thinking of increasing the effort/FTP as I was finishing the workouts and feeling tired but probably could have gone an extra 2-3%… then I got to Carpathian Peak +1 and died during the last 15 minute interval and couldn’t finish it.

Is that work out just hard or likely I’m just fatigued ?? The TSS and IF aren’t ridiculous but just felt like I hit a wall during the work out.

Its a tough workout… There are tougher…

Just ask were you ready for the workout, What did you do the day before. Hydration, cooling , sleep, fuel… stress in life??? If all those “Normal” that is subjective, i know i throw that in as an average term. The reduced recovery hurts.

Its unlikely you are fatigued on MV GP… Unless you have not really trained before and how fit you have been… But you can answer those questions. And it sounds like you were coping with other workouts in the plan.

Have a easier ride then get back to the plan… Just take it as an off day… We are not Robots, we have days that we not hydrated or something… etc.

If You still are struggling… Then analyse what you is going on with more depth.

Cheers, was thinking do I carry on with the next one in the plan or don’t move on until I’ve “completed” carpathian peak + 1?

Definitely have a rest day tomorrow

Carry on. Everybody has off-days, and you got 2 out of 3 on yours. That’s still fitness in the bank. If you miss multiple workouts in a week, or if you’re consistently missing a particular kind of session, then start re-evaluating your plan and schedule.

EH. I was tired by the first recovery week. Build is hard on purpose, it’s designed to help you find your edges and push past them. If you’re not tired in Week 3, you’re not working hard enough. Definitely pay attention to sleep, nutrition, hydration, life stress. Recover as hard as you ride.

(Are you doing General Build or Sustained Power Build? SusPB is the one that has Carpathian Peak +1 in Week 3.)

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SusPB wk3? Yeah just carry on and do Elephants +4 today, you’ll be fine :rofl: :rofl:

That’s what i have scheduled today… not looking forward to it at all.

I failed last set of Carpathian , I felt really good after first two sets then all my sensors failed. couldnt get back into it after that. Think I finished third set at about 80%
But I gave it all I had so didn’t even consider retaking.

Of the over unders in Build, I find Carpathian Peak maybe harder than Fang Mountain or Avalanche Spire even though they are higher IF. 12 minute over under intervals are hard.

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Ah correct, it’s sustained power build. I’ve been completely fine up to yesterday. No issues through SSB MV 1 and 2 or in any of the SusPB sessions up to carpathian peak +1

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SusPB is just a seriously hard block. It defeated me a few months back. I had to give up half way through the block as I was just too fatigued to get through the sessions. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I ended up having a bit of a break and then going back to base, but you may not need to go to that extreme, it could have just been an off day. Have a few days off until you feel like you’ve recovered and then try and continue with the block and see how it goes.

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Ahh ok, that makes sense. I died on Elephants in Week 3 (after completing everything else) because I didn’t take recovery seriously and went on a harder-than-it-should-have-been “easy” ride the day before. SusPB is not screwing around.


thebadabing man, it took me 3 cycles of SSMV to finish Carpathian itself without backpedaling…dont fret. Keep going!

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