Carpathian Peak +3 on tap: Questions

As the title states: Carpathian Peak +3 is on the docket for the weekend, 3x20 rolling over-unders. I’ll admit, for as much as I feel confident in my training this season, I’m getting a bit psyched out over this, essentially 3x20 averaging ftp but with the hurt of over ftp included lol

So, for those who’ve completed this successfully, what sort of takeaways do you have regarding completion as it relates to any potential growth ftp wise? Unlike SSB, where it’s easier for me to gauge my progress, sustained power build is all uncomfortable, even if it gets slightly easier! But curious to see if success on a long over-under effort like this one would be indicative of anything. I’ve set myself with minimal expectations for build, maybe at most 5w by the end of it (only about to get to the halfway point), I’m happy to really improve my ability to dig deep for a long time.

Also, would just love some moral support from those who have completed it!

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I have my TT bike on the kickr and for efforts like this, I just get in the drops, listen to music and zone out. Usually 5-7 mins on the tt bars, a minute or two off, back in. Makes it go by faster. At lest I tell myself that. Usually have a crit/road race POV/go pro of something I’ll be racing soon on the TV to focus on.

I’ve done Carpathian Peak +2, which just has slightly shorter intervals. It wasn’t bad, you definitely want to fuel well for the longer workout and have something to help you focus/distract yourself from the uncomfortable-ness of working that hard for that long. You’ll do great!!

The the ability to do the Time in Zone for threshold level efforts is the physical limiter. The rest between intervals is to help you mentally. You did Avalance Spire +3 which has 56 minutes of over unders in it. Carpathian Peak +3 has 60 minutes of it, so only 4 more minutes. It’s just packing it into fewer intervals. Keep repeating that, and I’m sure you’ll be fine.


Yeah exactly. Like today was 42mins at 314w (avg) so it’s defintely mental right now. But mainly I’m excited about doing and putting down that kind of sustained power

I find that the most difficult part is the 30 seconds on either side of the peaks. So if I tell myself that I just need to get by those “minutes”, it seems to really help. Also, I break up the valleys into two recovery goals. The first half I recover my breathing as best I can, then the second half I recover my legs. Breaking things up like this seems to help me mentally.


Break it into chunks. Only focus on the first interval and the. I break into 5 min segments. 5 minutes in I’m only 5 minutes from halfway done. Then it’s all downhill from there!

Second interval same thing except I’m thinking at 10 minutes I’m halfway for all the intensity.

Last interval well it’s the last interval. So 5 minutes then I’m only 5 minutes from 10 minutes and I’m done.

All sounds goofy but it works amazingly well for me!


I had Carpathian +2 yday and +1 the week before - i was nervous pre ride too …

the nice the thing about carpathian’s is the are segmented in to 1 min blocks … so just focus on each 1 min

also i found each block got easier and also each ramp within the interval felt easier as it went though — it’s like your mind and your body get’s used to what you’re doing after about 2-3 and then it all feels v manageable so don’t be alarmed if the 1st few feel hard they somehow get easier!

Definitely try to just think about 1 block at a time … so ‘i have 5 reps’ of 4mins and then each 60s within them.

The workout text is v good for Carpathian … especially when you think about the fact you are doing the whole thing to embrace the burn not avoid it and that there is nothing to fear !

anyway hope that helps! coach chad does a great job as i said on the text on this one!


oh and GOOD LUCK!!!

I had +2 a few weeks ago and was similarly psyched out. In looking at prior CP sessions I had either failed outright, took major breaks or took major reductions in intensity.

I successfully completed it and made it harder, by accident. Here are my excerpted notes I wrote post workout (DRTL: manage mental challenge, use good music if that is your thing, break into chunks, fuel well, keep cool):
This is a HUGE victory. Completed with no breaks and only a short 2% decrease in intensity on the ramp down in last interval (but didn’t stop, and brought back to 100%). And I made the second interval harder by doing an extra 10 minutes by accident - app paused from sweat and I wasn’t looking at phone. COULD HAVE QUIT, but DIDN’T. I did over 25 minutes of Threshold! Was mentally fatigued – couldn’t lock into a song and kept fast forwarding. Followed up with 30 minutes of endurance at 60%. Was hotter than usual 66 instead of 61. Weird weather. Ate oatmeal 2 hours before with banana. Had EFS on bike. Felt pretty spent for much of the day after - like a longer workout outside. Ate lots. But did a big ride the next day.

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Don’t do it. Go golfing instead :wink:

Good luck! :metal:

I have a dumb trainer, so the key for me to do that workout is to find that ideal gear that I can stay in throughout the work intervals with a comfortable range of cadence. Having to shift part way through each ramp just stinks. A non-ramped over/under equivalent like McAdie +1 or Picket Guard can be a welcome alternative, too.

But having done the Carpathian Peak workouts plenty, the key for me is keeping a high cadence when it gets tough, and especially on the way back down the ramp, when you really just want to take a back-pedal. Think of each interval not ending until you’re back below FTP.


Well I started to do this this morning but bailed about 10mins in. Totally wasn’t feeling it, mainly because I had only been up an hour and likely underfueled since I had just eaten and not super fueled from yesterday. Ended up doing most of the Sunday Juneau and will tackle again tomorrow when I’ve been up for more than an hour!


Success @hubcyclist?!

the sense of accomplishment you get when you get off the bike after carpathian peak is wonderful.

my advice is pretty much what others have said…

fuel adequately.

put your head down and just do it.

get some good music going to keep you going if that works for you.

def break the longer 20 min into smaller chunks in your head, maybe like 5 min chunks.

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ha! no, although attempt yesterday went slightly better in that I got through the first 20min block, which was brutal toward the end. I ended up getting distracted by some instacart activity on my phone and my head was out of it for the 2nd block. A little bummed because I was looking forward to wrapping up the first half of build with a good success like this, but I’ve had three weeks of solid workouts so I’m not going to sweat it, there’s more fun to get into starting next week!

Since I had less TSS this weekend I might do Lamarck today since it’s going to be a super easy week


I have Carpathian Peak +1 today (I’m on the sustained power build - medium volume). I’ve been dreading it since yesterday when I took a proper look at what the workout entails for the first time. I’m officially scared. Please give me something to watch quick! To be honest though I suspect I will not have the extra mental capacity to focus on anything but my legs.

@hubcyclist Get out of your own head! Your psyching yourself out before you even do the workout. You have to go into it w/the mindset that you will suffer, that it is manageable, and that you will complete the workout.

  • Put on some good music.
  • One over/peak at a time.
  • One interval at a time.
  • Fuel well during the workout.

That’s the feeling of your FTP going up! Embrace the suck!


This is a legendary workout for me. it is a hate and love relationship. I have done twice +2 and regular one once.

I dont know what to advice :slight_smile: Good luck