Details on A-B Events

Isn’t it too general to only account for time? How many hrs will you be riding & type of event?!?

Would it be possible to enter specifics like distance, elevation … etc

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I thought that too, as I was setting up my plan. Maybe make this a feature request.

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I think an A or B event is understood to be an intensity factor of about 1.0, regardless of elevation, miles, etc.

“Type” is taken into account (e.g. XC, TT, etc).

What are you trying to accomplish with these other metrics?

Right now you have time + intensity to estimate TSS. And Intensity is used as the proxy to set IF:

  • Intensity = 6 (uncomfortable) sets IF = ~0.75
  • Intensity = 7 (hard) sets IF = ~0.80
  • Intensity = 8 (very hard) sets IF = ~0.84
  • Intensity = 9 (race pace) sets IF = ~0.89
  • Intensity = 10 (all out) sets IF = ~0.94