Deleting Previous Training Plan

Hi All,

I had just completed my ramp test and was ready to go on TR. Then I went on for surgery and have been recovery ever since. I am looking to get started again by have a question.

  1. How do I delete the previous training plan?
  2. Can I start a new training plan using my previous ramp test?

Was thinking of doing a few short 20-30 mins sessions before starting a new plan.

Any help would be most appreciated!

Why? You were injured or recovering from surgery and likely lost a bit of fitness. Start new plan from where you are currently. Gains will come back with time.

Doing a new Ramp Test is the best way to ensure your workouts are a reflection of your most up-to-date fitness, especially as its likely different than it was pre-surgery!
If you want to do a couple of endurance-pace rides in the days prior just to re-familiarize yourself with being on the bike, it definitely wont hurt as long as you’re feeling healthy and ready to train again! Listening to your body and getting the most current information (in the form of an updated FTP) is super important going into a new training block, especially post-surgery. You got this! :metal: