Deleting plan when you can't find the first workout?

As the title says, how can I delete a plan when I can’t find the first workout (I may have deleted or substituted it with another ride)?

Hmm, I recently deleted a plan by clicking on the little rectangle with the plan name and then clicking on the “Delete Plan”. But it looks like the last plan I added to my calendar didn’t create that little rectangle. This looks like a bug. Maybe we need to ask about it.

I submitted a report to and Cooper Richardson pointed out that I indeed had an annotation for my new plan that appeared nearly a week before the day marked “Week 1”. Note the red rectangle below. You can click on this and then delete the plan. Plan workouts that you have completed will stay in your calendar:

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Thanks but I’ve no Red rectangle. It may have gone if i deleted the first workout.

Cooper added the red rectangle around the “annotation” to highlight it. You should just see a little gray rectangle at the top of the day.


Found it - Many thanks