Delete double entries from calendar

I managed to add two training plans to my calendar so I have double entries and some are offset by a day or some the same workout on the same day. Any ideas on how to clean them up. Is there a user profile setting that shows you what training plan you’ve selected?

Nevermind - with enough clicking around I figured out how to delete the second training plan entruy

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Awesome! Glad ya got it sorted out. :thumbsup:

For anyone else experiencing a similar problem, check out or Help Center article on how to delete a plan.

Annnnd I’ll go ahead and include a shameless plug for our entire Help Center section on Calendar for anyone reading this that’s interested. :slight_smile:

As always, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at with any questions/concerns/comments.

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My mistake was I was trying to delete the extraneous individual workouts instead of deleting the plan instance. Once I deleted the redundant plan (in this case Sweet Spot Base) all of its schedule individual workouts got deleted too.

How do you delete the plan?

just figured it out!

Just adding that I got caught here too. A post from a fellow forum member got me sorted. It’s not obvious, but a little clicking about and it can be found.

Thanks for the feedback, everyone! This is a great example of something we definitely appreciate hearing about. If something’s not obvious, or something’s confusing, we want to know. :slight_smile: I’m passing this along to our Web Product Manager and Design Team. :+1: