Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2023)

Starting fresh for 2023 with a new “Deals” thread. I pulled the January ones from the original thread.

Prior one for reference:


23% off and seems to work on lots of items (tested on Quarq DFour and 12 speed Shimano parts)


Amazon has Nuun on sale for the lowest unit price I’ve seen so far.


havnt found a single thing on their site that works for the code. Was going to try some of their bibs

Worked for me on the Laguna Seca shorts (non bib)

Same. First time customer and wanted to try a pair of their thermal or cargo bibs, but the code didn’t work for either.

They don’t have any medium or large in a high end bib when I tried to buy

I emailed them as half asking what’s up, half passive aggressive calling them out for posting 50% off on their social and not actually doing it. Will be interesting to see their response…


Zipp 101 XPLR Carbon Tubeless Disc Center Lock 27,5”/650B Wheelset 830€ at

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RTIC 1-gal and 1/2-gal insulated jugs are 40% - 50% off depending on color.

Buy one today and next August when you return to your car parked in the sun to a jug of ice-cold water you’ll be psyched. Also comes in handy for road trips when you don’t want to spend $3.99 for a liter of water at a rest stop. Or growler.


That’s a killer deal. We have one and use it on every road trip.


We have a 1 gallon that my daughter use when she has 2 soccer games in a day (tournaments usually). Works excellent! For $30 you can do MUCH MUCH worse.


SRAM XG-1295 Eagle 12-speed Cassette 10-50 260€ at

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Also another these RTIC things are great. That one gallon water jug is among the purchases I’ve ever made.


Thanks… just ordered one with a custom phrase and logo!


Redshift had everything 20% off

Some things are a bit cheaper on Amazon

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I have a 1 gal that lives full time in the back of my truck. Its a life saver when you arrive at the trailhead with empty bottles, or go long and need something when you get back to the car.

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Took 5 days to get my custom order!


Pactimo is having a BOGO on Jerseys today.
Still debating if i should buy 2 Jerseys for $60 each…


Sunrise Tri is having a clearance sale. Just picked up a Bontrager stem at a really nice price.

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