Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2020

Starting a thread to list any BFCM deals for 2020

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Hoping there are some good deals out there. I saw Pearl Izumi has a 25% off. REI has some deals but not all are cycling specific.

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Some deals here:

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I am still waiting for the $99 power meter sale to happen. :wink:


Me too…

Pearl Izumi is offering 25% off… not bad.

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Wiggle Black Friday -

Chain Reaction -

Also, listing from cycling weekly:



Just received 35% and 40% discounts on Storm+ thermal bib tights and 12 hour bibs.


Super happy with my Pactimo stuff


I’ve got 2 longish rides on the Alpine thermal bib tights and they rock. Love the outside mesh pockets. Unfortunately my size is already unavailable, so I pulled the trigger on the Storm+ thermal bib tights (35% off) which have an 8+ hour chamois (versus 6+ on Alpine) and more wet weather oriented but no mesh pocket (I suppose it would be somewhat useless in the rain…). Lots of winter riding in my future.

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I’ve been waiting all year hoping that We Are One Composites will have a sale on their wheels :rofl:

:crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers: :crossed_fingers:

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In the hunt for a new head unit, leaning towards the Garmin Edge 530 right now. Haven’t found a good deal on this yet, the 20% REI discount doesn’t work on it.
Anyone seen it for less than MSRP?

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Would anyone do me the immense favour of ordering some pactimo bibs and then shipping them on to Canada for me? It seems they don’t ship here themselves. I will of course pay the shipping cost. Ideally someone who is already putting in an order.

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Im also in vancouver and would like to join in on this!

Looking for the same thing. Best I have found so far is on Hoping for something a bit better for Black Friday.

It doesn’t look like they ship to the UK, which is a shame. I only hear good things about their products on this forum.

There is a site…

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Thank you :+1: :grinning:

It’s actually slightly ridiculous considering this:

Maybe a tweet to Pactimo, Rally, and Adam might be worth sending.

Amazon had the Edge 1030 on sale and I picked one up for $299 about a month ago. Keep an eye on DCRainmaker’s deals page.

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