Deals / Sales / Discounts for Fitness Stuff (2024)

Starting fresh for 2024 with a new “Deals” thread.

Prior one for reference:


The Campagnolo Levante Carbon wheels discounted again at bike24 (850€).

Anyone seeing any deals on high end road framesets available to the US? I can’t really find a whole lot at the moment even though I feel like a deal should be out there…

From what I’ve seen, the high end market hasn’t changed much in the recent surplus/sales/the bike industry is dying period. I remember GC Performance saying that his high end sales hasn’t changed much. The people that could afford those bikes before Covid can still afford them now. The most I’ve seen are on the second hand market and people still asking close to retail for used stuff (S-Works SL7 frames for >$4,000). Cervelo was running sales on a lot of their bikes. Canyon every now and then. I don’t think Specialized or Trek have had any deals on their top line stuff apart from MTBs.


Update - one of the Rapha jerseys from REI that I ordered got zeroed out due to lack of inventory (the blue / black one).



Mine still says “In progress” :crossed_fingers:

Unrelated, but if anyone has a heads up on any discounts for the Garmin Index S2 or comparable smart scale I’m on the lookout. They carry it at Biketiresdirect so I missed the boat on the 20% off any full priced item coupon there but presumably something will eventually come up.

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Yes, that matches exactly what I’m seeing. I’d go for a Cervelo Soloist frameset, but don’t see them available in my size. I might have to purchase a low end build to get the frame and then try to find deals on components, which do seem to be more frequent.

Tnat is what I am in the process of (potentially) doing right now……Crux Comp is on sale for $3400, but a frame only is $3200. Absolute no brainer to buy the complete bike (same 10R frame) and then swap out complements.

Trying to decide between 12 spd mechanical GRX or 11 spd GRX Di2….leaning towards the 12 spd. If I did that, I’d be out for $4500 for a pretty sweet sled.


If that choice is today, I’d go 12spd mech and 1x up front, OR see if you can score a used 11spd Di2 GRX setup from someone that switched to 12spd mech. :man_shrugging:t2:

I can get a new 2x 11sod group w/ crank for $1299……or a 12sod mech group for ~$1k w/o crank (1x).

I’m leaning towards the 12spd simply because I can likely use my current crank with zero issues (Red w/ Quarq).

I bought the Oxiline scale, which a couple of reviews rated very highly for accuracy, and I’m quite happy with it over my first month of use. It’s on sale for about $100, 50% of its MSRP:

It communicates with the Fitdays app via Bluetooth, so you need to have the phone nearby. The women in my house prefer this, so they’re not worried about others getting their weight data by mistake, but someone else might see it as a downside. Overall, as noted, I’m quite happy with it.

That one has been on my radar and have seen some of the positive reviews, but I also saw some comments on some reddit threads that gave me some pause. Nothing too bad about the scale itself, but it appears a few different companies are selling the exact same unit under different brand names, including this identical looking one all the way down to $42 at Amazon:

RE: REI, my order just confirmed shipment. I ended up with three shirts across two sizes.

Looks like I’ll be able to Spring clean soon and ditch some jersey’s.


I have an earlier version of that scale, I’d avoid because software support for phones is now pretty spotty.

not 20% off but BTD has the Index S2 15% off today. The store wide deals are hit or miss on working on Garmin items FYI.

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REI has discounted Rapha jerseys back in stock, depending upon your size and color needs. I feel weird only buying one but I think I’m set for a few years.


up to 20% discount on trainers and other things @ bike tires direct (gold members)

The less expensive trainer is the H3+ (for 12 speed cassettes) for 419 (40%).
The 965 is 479 (20% off)

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Thanks for the heads up…placed an order for the one that got zeroed out on my last order.


Yep, picked up two while they’re still in stock. $38 is super cheap for a good jersey. First time with Rapha, so we’ll see how the fit works out.

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Do you know if this jersey size is consistent with other Rapha items? I’ve had a few Rapha jersey’s over the years, and have always worn the same size (had a limited edition one and a couple country ones), but the size chart says I should wear a size down, and almost 2 down.

I’d ordered 2 in the size I’ve always worn, and 1 a size down, in anticipation of a good training season.