Deals / Sales / Discounts for Cycling "Stuff" (2018-2022)

Worldwidecyclery has 10% off gift cards until the end of the year.

Worldwidecyclery has the SRAM Eagle electronic upgrade kit on sale, plus an extra 15% off at the moment.


  1. Buy $400 gift card for $360
  2. Go back to their site, add the SRAM upgrade kit to your cart and enter the 15% off megaldeal code
  3. Pay with the gift card

You would have just upgraded to sram wireless 1x12 Eagle for about $360+tax.

I am doing everything I can to stop myself making this purchase today.


Yeah… my LBS charges around 2400 Euro for complete group set, so this was crazy good!

Would be crazy to be able to almooooost break even when selling my old Ultegra Di2.

Or just buy it here for $389 and skip a few steps. SRAM GX Eagle AXS Upgrade Kit Rear Derailleur Battery Controller Charger Gap Tool Kit – Bike Closet

It’s 10% cheaper if you do the gift card way at worldwide, so around $350+tax (tax will be calculated on the $390 price though).

Im so tempted, just wondering if Shimano XT di2 1x12 will go on sale to compete, or if Shimano will hold strong and keep their prices firmer.

Wow! Were they having a crazy sale, or you just love this stuff?

You can get XX1 on the other website. Doesn’t ship out of the states. Not that I have the money, tempting though

Shimano di2 is still the ebike version isn’t it?

Best would be upgrade kit (XX1) with XT/XTR chain, cassette, chainring.

Im shocked there hasnt been a “me too” sale yet from shimano!

I think the root cause of the sale for SRAM was excess inventory….there don’t seem to be any reports of similar inventory issues for Shimano, so no need to match the pricing for now.


Very reputable shop. Started in Minnesota. I live in MN and go there a few times a year. I believe now that Mikes Bikes doesn’t carry Specialized, they have the title of largest specialized dealer.

RedShift Sports 20% Off Holiday Sale

Includes the ShockStop suspension stem.


Eliel bibs 50% off…use code WELCOME50

ETA - not certain what styles this applies to. Tried for the cargo shorts and it didn’t apply.


Likely only for first time buyers, but I like the pairs I have.

I’ve never ordered direct from them, so I am a “new” customer….the note says the code is not laid for the item in my cart.

And the fine print says “first time customers only” which is the norm for most direct to consumer sites.

That all said 50% off is much higher than the norm. Good find for first time buyers.

A little of both.

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