Dealing with an...Unusual...interruption to training

Hi Everyone,

I’m wondering how to deal with an interruption to my training plan (low volume half-ironman, base, build and specialty plans atm) leading up to my A race in late September, a half iron man.

8 weeks before the event i’m planning to complete a Land’s End to John O’Groats attempt with some friends- 1100 miles on the bike over 14 days.

How can I best plan my season around this significant interruption - and hopefully leverage some the volume to improving my bike times?


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I would have a rest week coming into trip and after. Which would leave you with 5 weeks to your A event. I would complete the first 3 weeks of the speciality plan then complete the last two weeks (to taper).

You might find the 2 weeks block of high volume works as a training camp.

Good luck with your attempt of Land’s End to John O’Groats.


That’s really helpful advice, particularly regarding which weeks of the specialty plan to include.


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I’d be concerned that you’re under training for the Lejog attempt.

LV HD sets you up for a good 56 miles at 70-80% effort, lejog is what…90 miles per day for two weeks?

If you want to do a tri plan Id look at FD…but I’d be tempted to do a bike only plan, and fit a couple of swims and runs a week around it. Depends on your run/swim maturity.

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I would agree Joe but it is not a hard effort 90 miles in 5 hours each day. It can be taken reasonably leisurely and I think the overall effect will be very positive. Once you have recovered from LEJOG you willl have built a ton of base fitness and probably lost some weight.

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Thank you Joe and John.
I’m hoping to supplement the LV HD plan with an outside ride twice per week, for a longer time and at a similar intensity to the LEJOG trip. Hopefully I should be one of the stronger riders of the group so the effort should be on the lower side at around 6-8 hours a day.

I’ll have a closer look at the full distance plans, as the swim is my biggest weakness at the moment so I think a tri plan is probably necessary.

I’d be tempted to put some long rides in, irrespective of intensity. Min of 6hrs a day on the bike is a task in itself.

Did JOGLE a few years ago over 9 consecutive days - 2700 TSS is what you’re looking at

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