Stick to the plan or ride on Labor Day

I’m curious how many people are going to ride tomorrow vs sticking to their plan which likely has a day off since it’s Monday. Hard to pass up a day off of the weather is nice outside.

What are your Cycling plans for Labor Day?

Well I did a century yesterday but it’s the end of my recovery week, so I really had to go against all my wishes today and stay off the bike even though I could probably do another 50 today. I am taking tomorrow off as well so I be fresh for the next phase this week. The weather is amazing here sunny and just under 80 degrees so it’s painful to stick to a plan that limits the bike fun! Lol

Mondays for me are either an easy recovery ride or take it off completely. Just depends on what I am up to. Raining here tomorrow so likely just taking it off.

Mondays are normally hard interval days for me since Sundays I’m off the bike. Either way, weather looks good and I’ll have a bit of free time so I’m going to go for a nice long ride at a moderate pace.
Tomorrow I’ll do the intervals.
If Monday was normally a rest day, I might just shift it so Tuesday is my rest day now.
It might help to see what your week looks like pre-LaborDay adjustment.

A reason I train is to enjoy myself on the bike, and I don’t think 1 day will mess anything up in the training (it might actually be good for you), especially if the interval days are reorganized.

I rode on our Bank Holiday Monday and again on Saturday which were planned to be rest days and my TT today more than likely suffered but I cycled with folks I hadn’t seen for months.

I’m going to ride. Last week was a recovery week so I should be starting a build this week but I’m going to push it back a couple weeks due having a new baby boy that will be here on the 14th at the latest. Figure I’ll experiment with outside rides this week and next when I can fit a ride in.

First rest day tomorrow at the Tour de France.

I’ll be riding though. Turns out my UCI Pro Tour career was entirely imaginary.

Will be riding at least a hour. Been riding an average of 10 hours weekly so far this year and recently upped my weekly goal to 12 hours.

I’ll be riding, but you couldn’t pay me to go outside. I live in one of the BC’s biggest tourist destinations, so with the last long weekend of summer before school starts our roads are hideous right now.

Also have a swim scheduled but no doubt I’ll be run over by a jetski if I try that.

No plan should be so rigid that you can’t / shouldn’t take advantage of an extra day to get some bonus miles in…especially since there aren’t any events coming up.

Enjoy the day and go ride your bike!!


Mondays are usually my hard intensity workout days. With the wildfire smoke and hot weather, I’d still be sticking with an indoors ride tomorrow regardless.

I’m on low volume and had a Ramp Test, Carpathian Peak, Mount Goode and two CrossFit sessions this week with a decent group ride yesterday and a couple of friends want to get out casually today so here’s what I’m going to try.

Scheduled for Bashful +1 tomorrow and it takes about 30 minutes to ride to our meeting point so I’ll do Bashful -3 on the way to meet my friends and then again on the way home with no ride tomorrow.

That way I still get my VO2 intervals and get to go hang out with friends in between.