Cyclist shoots aggressive driver

Yikes. Has it really come to this that you have to carry a firearm to be safe on the road!

Only in American.
Sadly probably not…

Glad the cyclists are ok. So, where are the weight weenie gun clips for on-the-bike storage? Do you sacrifice a bottle cage? Maybe an IWB holster in the back? Doubt it fit in a jersey pocket but maybe …. I wonder if there’s a market for concealed carry holsters specifically for cyclists (outside of Texas).

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There was a massive thread on ST a few years ago…it was depressing how many people carry while riding.

And FWIW, having the firearm didn’t really keep these riders “safe”…it just allowed them to shoot someone after the fact.

Sorry, ya’all. We love to foster discussion about training, nutrition, equipment, and TR Software, but the TrainerRoad Forum isn’t really the home for this (especially because it has extreme potential to not match the vibe and climate we work to uphold here), probably more of a Reddit thing. :+1: