Road rage ends with rider killed

This weekend one of my neighbor who rides in my local bike group was killed by a motorist. My community is lucky enough to have a park in the middle but unfortunately it means people come from all of the city since it is one of the nicest parks in the city. The man who killed the cyclist had been reported by many people for aggressively shouting at people for no reason. This weekend he tried to stand in the road and block the cyclist. The rider stopped and called 911. While the cyclist was on the phone with 911 the man shot him. Police caught him less than a mile away and he exchanged gunfire with police. He was killed by police but not before he took this man’s life. He took not only took his life but a husband and father’s life too. Please be careful out there. There is a go fund me set up if you wish to help.

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Talking to my friend in that area Whit sounded like a super nice guy. Very sad story.

This is completely nuts.
I’m sorry for your loss


I am so sorry. Senseless and tragic.

Hearing/reading some of the accounts I am convinced that there are a not insignificant amount of members of our communities like the shooter. I have had my own run ins with unhinged citizens, with a clear, public list of problematic altercations that are reported and then not acted on. They are ticking time bombs. In my case after exhausting all channels, we moved away, continued to hear about new/escalating incidents, and he finally used one of the guns he often brandished on himself. While sad and I didn’t feel good when I heard the news, it could have been worse.

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My condolences, I heard about this from a co-worker today. This isn’t far from where we live… absolute tragedy.

Oh wow… this is so so so sad. =( So pointless. Such grief.