I'm Vaccinated Jersey?

Any one aware of a cycling jersey that says you’re vaccinated? Got my 2nd shot and interested in thinking about group rides again.

They won’t let you join without?

Not that, more a courtesy to other riders.

Just saying my draft is safe

I honestly think if they were that concerned they wouldn’t be showing up to a group ride.


Is this like the opposite of the Zwift burrito power up?


I think the data at this point is pretty conclusive that it is pretty hard to spread the virus outside…although if I was not vaxxed, i would still be avoiding group rides since my wife is high risk.

But as cleanneon noted, if they are concerned about it, just don’t show up. You’ve done your part and gotten vaxxed (and thanks for that!). I don’t think you need to do anything else.


OK, I am going to step in before this veers any more OT.

  • PLEASE keep on topic = Jersey with the desired info on it.

There is no need to drag this into the discussions already covered in depth, in other topics.


Also worth noting that vaccination does not 100% protect against infection, or, if infected, against spreading it.

Thats’s not to say it isn’t worth it, just that your assumption that your draft is safe is not 100% correct.

Thanks Chad I was just about to ask the main question again.

Is anyone aware of a Jersey that says you’ve been vaccinated?

I havent seen any but I did get a life is good t shirt that says “Hug me I’m vaccinated”. I would almost be a little scared that some whack job that was an anti-vaxxer would run me down with their vehicle if I was wearing said jersey.

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The opposite could be said about people that get vaccinated. It is a personal choice and neither side is right/wrong.

edit: not starting anything or going off topic just putting the comment into context.

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Get some duct tape and a sharpie.

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Now we’re cooking with fire.

Agreed. I would feel like I was attracting aggressive anti-vax drivers in this jersey.