What makes you angry?

20 minutes into a Ramp Test and my laptop inexplicably lost contact with my smart trainer. Now, I’m a pretty calm guy but I lost my sh*t when this happened! I don’t sweat for fun, people! :wink:


Other riders jumping on my wheel unannounced while I’m riding solo.



@batwood14 Pardon the rookie question, but why would this anger you? Honestly curious. Is it possibly doing something on your end that may take both of you down if you don’t know he/she is there? I have folks randomly sit in on my solo rides, but never really thought too much about it as long as my tempo is not affected.

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ditto this. it is very dangerous too. if you slow down or brake without knowing they are behind you, it will cause an accident.


Or you need to change your line due to road obstacles and they are overlapping wheels - boom one / both of you down.


Mouth breathers with an over-inflated sense of entitlement that everything should revolve around them.


PC or mac?

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That would feel irritating, same as if someone walked up behind you as you walked home from work and just stayed 3 feet behind. LOL.


PC. $1600 Dell gaming laptop.

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I hate my Dell laptop.

Coaches that select teams purely based on power numbers alone.


Development teams generally being aimed at under 23 riders. There is no market for people who started in their 30s as many do and just have to compete with seasoned riders to get a team spot


I live on a quiet country road, a big route for cyclists and occasional cars. A couple of times a year, when i’m kicking about between jobs, I’ll wander 2 miles up the road both ways with a handful of bin bags and a litter picker and pick up 5 or 6 bags full of litter. This turns out to be beer cans and McDonalds detritus and the sort of crap you’d expect from the sort of scumbag who’d chuck litter from a car, but also a lot of gel wrappers and cyclist food. – FFS - guys, really???


Unisex boomers on e-bikes of which one will cycle in the middle of the left lane (ie cycling the wrong way) of the cycle path and the other in the middle of the right lane making it impossible to pass them and then when you call out to them making a snark remark about me not having a bell and then refuse to let me pass

Motorist that see you, know you have the right of way but decide to not give you that right of way and jump in front of you

Motorist that won’t let you pass when you try to pass them on their left but intentionally close the gap (often happens in 30km/h zones)


when i am at the last 120% FTP interval in a 90 min workout and amazon guy rings the door at an unusual time for delivering something i was looking forward to.


Similar story for me - Christmas Day 2020, miserable as all festive plans cancelled only a few days before due to the pandemic, I decided to focus my mind by doing the Festive 500 (on Strava - not sure if this is in the US but its a challenge to ride 500km between Xmas Eve and NY Eve), anyway I ride 30 miles on an app which I wont name (hint its expression used by pro’s when describing going at maxmimum output), my laptop crashes and when I reconnect the whole ride is gone, and so is that 30 mile contribution to the 500km total! I resorted to alcohol

Or fly tippers. Scourge of the earth. I came down on a ride a few years ago as I came round a country lane corner in the dark and collided with the fly tipping strewn across the width.


Or try and overtake you in a single track lane when you can both see there’s a car coming the other way which will require them to stop but not you, unless they overtake then block you when they stop very shortly.



And why does it seem the alcohol bottles are 99% Fireball whiskey or Bud Light? Maybe thats just near me. I guess people like Coach Chad who drink the good stuff know better than to litter!!

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In London, my weekday loops around Richmond park this is inevitable. I am usually happy someone hops on if they look relatively experienced, if not I will go wide and let them pass or I’ll just drop them. I wouldn’t let that get to me. For more important things to anger me, like bad drivers.

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Cars - Particularly as I train outdoors in an urban area with a 20mph speed limit (which I easily exceed) on my intervals. Drivers get so mad at me if I am cycling in a primary position on the road (given I am cycling above the speed limit)… They will overtake me, just to get stuck behind a driver doing 20mph or stuck in traffic… I feel like drivers in London lack foresight… and patience…

And of course the all to common abuse, close passes and all the other nonsense I tolerate as a cyclist. Thankfully I moved to mountain biking and now endure less of this