GPlama's YouTube Channel taken down

Please remove if not appropriate, but @GPLama’s YouTube channel was removed this morning for violations to their community guidelines but could not give him any specific reasons. Many have taken to Twitter to ask YouTube to appeal the decision so if you have the time please feel free to chime in and show your support.

I just felt it was appropriate to post to this community since he is a staple to the YT cycling community and many of us are techies and look to people like Shane for advice and testing of products in real world conditions. This is a dark day for YT and leaves a big hole in our community.

(fyi, I’m posting this on my own, w/o Shane’s knowledge, so if inappropriate punish me, not him).


Just saw this… Feel bad for a nice guy that has created so much content and built his brand based on their platform. Hope it is sorted ASAP, but I’ll follow his content wherever he decided to move to instead.

Like people have said, YouTube gladly allow toxic trash to exist on their service but an educational/informative/positive content creator is punished.


it was the use of only one “L”, wasn’t it. Seriously though, this does stink… he always posted up some good content.


LOL yeah the single “L” finally got him!

This really stinks and I think the post is appropriate here. Heck Shane had JUST found TrainerRoad.

I sent feedback to YouTube saying it was a bad move and I’ve never seen anything offensive or controversial on his channel. Pretty sure there’s been no copyright infringement either.

Shane was a very good content creator and great for the cycling technology market. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on product based on his reviews and Wahoo, Elite, Garmin, PowerTap my local bike shop and others can all thank him for that.

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You know in my feedback to YouTube about this I was spelling it with 2 Ls out of habit. Oops.

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Thanks for posting this. I have some YouTube folks that some coworkers are connected to, so I’ll try to reach out through those channels.


Shane will be back. He has great content, he’ll end up hosting it on his own website like DCRainmaker.

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that sucks, he is really one of the best youtubers out there, maybe one of the most objective voices on cycling tech out there. I’ll be voicing my opinion to youtube


For clarity, even though DCR hosts hosts own blog site as his base, he actively uses YouTube for hosting his videos.

I agree Shane will be back on some site (Vimeo?) if the YT situation can’t be resolved.


Hopefully with a little investigating YT will realize what has happened. It seems from seeing this happen to a few other YT content producers is that sometimes it appears as if the user, in this case Shane, has had someone trying to spam hits to the videos but it has actually been done so mailiciously by someone else or even a bot. Once YT takes a look it seems they usually rectify it. Hopefully this is the case for him as well.

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Didn’t realize. Thx for clarifying.

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No problem. If you only watch from the DCR site, I could see missing that. He embeds them into the site and it’s easy to miss the YT connection info unless you look for it.

I’m pretty sure his livelihood was based in large part on revenue from Youtube.

Still, the blog gives Ray his own channel where people go to find his work. If YouTube where to do the same thing to Ray, he would still have his outlet left. Shane is completely without that right now (well, apart from stuff like Twitter).

I don’t know if that is true. He has mentioned his “real” job several times in the past.
Tech related, but I don’t know for certain if he still does it.

His move to Ballarat, in the recent past, may have been related, but I don’t know for sure.

Can someone post a link to the most appropriate form for registering a complaint/appeal with Youtube?

looks like channel is back up in my feed, hooray


Me too…and there was much rejoicing…


Ray would have the written content but all his embedded videos would be gone from the articles though