Driver hits 9 cyclists in Arizona road race

Crazy story.

NBC News: Officer shoots driver accused of hitting at least 9 cyclists during Arizona road race.


I was there racing the P1/2 which went off 15 minutes prior. Our director was in the masters field that was run into. He’s in the hospital up there in Show Low now with many fractures, neck injury and punctured/collapsed lung…just drove his car back to his wife (in Phoenix) so she could drive back up and be with him. Really messed up situation. Some very injured cyclist. I know most of them.


Yeah don’t know what the hell is wrong with people these days. Keep hearing of things like this more and more. Locally, lots of close calls and apparent anger issues.

Hoping for the best possible outcome for folks.


I’m really sorry to hear that Landis….best wishes for a speedy recovery to everyone.


Glad you’re okay, and glad you’re able to help out others in this terrible situation.


So this was 7:30am local. I’m getting just fragments of info so not reliable, however, it’s looking like drugs, alcohol or both. To pull a gun on the police makes me think more drugs but, I have no idea about this stuff…




Best wishes to the cyclists and hope they all recover fully.

I just bought a mtn bike last week and the more news stories I hear like this one, the more it makes me want to concentrate on trail riding even though I suck at it. And while I’ve hurt myself more in 3 rides than all my road riding they were all minor scapes, bruises and a gouge. At least I don’t have to worry about getting mowed down by a drunk or somebody with their head buried in their cell phone.


@TheOtherOne I hear you and I get it. I’m thinking the same but, I still really enjoy some time on the road. As far as racing goes…this does sort of make me want to do crits (closed courses) and gravel/mountain. IDK. It’s like 116 out right now and everything seems so not worth it.


Sorry man! It’s one thing to read about it and it’s awful, but having been in a similar (much milder) situation before, it’s much worse when you’re there and know people involved. Hope all’s conditions improve

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The picture I saw just looked awful. Pools of blood. People in this country are unwell. I hope this guy gets the kind of punishment he deserves.


Oh wow, I’m so sorry to hear about your director. I hope everyone comes through ok, and that the bastard is able to stand trial and get the book thrown at him. So horrible and crazy.

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I agree.


So sad to see this

This is terrible. I am in Arizona also and I ride groups with a number of people who took part and first learned about it on their strava feeds. Sincerely hope that they all pull through and make a full recovery and that justice is served.

It definitely makes you contemplate taking part in events on open roads or group riding. In nearly signed up for this race but I have so far only done time trials here and while the roads are not closed they are generally in more remote areas. But I guess it only takes one sick individual in any situation.

Horrible. :slightly_frowning_face:

Best wishes to the injured cyclists, hope they recover quickly and fully.

Also wishing all those well that have been affected and no doubt traumatized by the events.

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Gotta focus on what you enjoy and NOT on the negatives of it.

All of my cycling injuries so far have been on my MTB. Granted I tend to go a little on the big side, but all those injuries on the MTB were from minor wrecks and not when I was really sending it.

THE ONE DAY I decided the weather conditions were unsafe to ride my bike to work is the day I was rear ended on the freeway totaling my car and having me out of action for a while, even though I was lucky enough not to be seriously injured.


I raced Cat 4 at the race and was absolutely horrified when I crossed the finish line and found out this had happened.

This was awful and shocking to read on the news yesterday.

@Landis I really hope your friends pull through and recover well.

Sadly it’s not just the physical injuries these riders will have to deal with. There will lots of mental and emotional battles to overcome to.


The driver is lucky to be alive.

10 years ago, this happened in OC:

It makes me uneasy knowing that in a best case scenario, where all of the cyclists in this terrible incident survive and make full recoveries, the driver may get a reduced sentence and be back on the road in a relatively short amount of time.