Favorite Podcast Topic since Episode 1?

Flipping the script on the recently popular “Too much biology” topic.

Look, we all love TrainerRoad; we’re so into it that we have an extremely active forum & community dedicated to the product, podcast, and ideal of getting faster.

Many of us have listened to every episode and others have just stumbled upon the goodness that is TR more recently.

Instead of nitpicking the previous couple episodes I’d love for everyone to show these guys our gratitude by mentioning one or two of our favorite topics ever covered on the show. Maybe we’ll see a few common themes for progressing into the future.

Leadville Deep Dive with Pro Rider Alex Grant - Ask a Cycling Coach 169
Jonathan’s Everest Challenge, Data Use for Mtb, & Adjusting a Training Plan - Ask a Cycling Coach 66

Thank You TrainerRoad Team!!


I think this is a great suggestion. I don’t have any to add as I just started tuning in but this thread will be nice to look through if it gets rolling.

Not technically podcast episode, but the race videos are a logical extension of the podcast that wouldn’t have happened otherwise, so I’ll go ahead and say the EWS Northstar series with Richie Rude.

Richie’s perspective really changed my thinking about how to mentally engage with mountain biking and racing

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EP 21: https://soundcloud.com/trainerroad/ask-a-cycling-coach-021-trainerroad-podcast-crit-racing-101-with-the-clif-bar-team

Ep 82: https://soundcloud.com/trainerroad/ask-a-cycling-coach-82-trainerroad-podcast-road-vs-crit-racing-with-the-clif-bar-team

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My favorite is either the first clif bar episode or the first episode with @ambermalika.

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I like the Lee McCormack episodes the most. I don’t even do much MTB these days, I just like his way of talking.