Cycling Memes and Jokes

So that extends the wedding ring function? Wow…

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Surely an LBS should have anti-GPS tracking or some kind of radar blocking…


My LBS has a beer fridge for the regulars, my wife might show up and hang out too.


Whoa! calling that a “Hobby”. eeek. I hope the other half of that marriage doesn’t frequent this area…

Now, on Father’s Day, I might be guilty of calling a child or three “hobbies” but that’s because they have no other choice. :crazy_face:

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But it IS a hobby. Nothing says people will stay together, nothing says people will stay married.

I know people that have married over and over again, with about a year between. Seriously. (I kept wondering if they needed a ‘marriage’ in order to have (sex))

I know my marriage hobby is the best (and worst) hobby I’ve had. You win some, and lose a lot, but then sometimes you win a lot and they lose.

I love my wife, and trust her with my life, but anyone thinking that marriage is all fun and happiness is delusional, or has never been married.

Yeah, she actually thought that a ‘geo fence’ was a great idea. Like around the local bike shops, The Home Despot, Lowes, and Menards. The local electrical distributors, and the plumping one too, and the Grainger. (Grainger is far too expensive for me)

I told her yesterday, after she was watching a tiktok of a puppy brought home and feeling like he has a forever home FINALLY. I said ‘I’m glad you picked me up from the pet store of life, and haven’t returned me yet!’ She laughed so hard, I thought she might have a seizure. I was so amazed that was so funny.

On our wedding day, someone asked why we got together. I said ‘Because our monsters like to play with each other!’. She teared up and gave me a massive hug. 45 years ago…

So is it a hobby? Yes, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

She did call me on my cellphone once and could tell where I was because a PA announcement came up. (I tried to shield the phone from hearing it) ‘Don’t spend too much money’. Um, okay…


Clearly a programming error. A short int was converted to a char at some point. The correct answer is $32767.


I’m still trying to figure out what could be worth only $255 for a year, and be a hobby someone would want to continue, for a year. For $255? A year? In America? Even beer would cost more than that, for a year. What could I get for around 69 cents a day that would be worth doing?

Reading books? I mean, who has time when you are thinking of all the ways to spend even more money on bikes and trainers you can spend hours a day riding. :person_shrugging:


My wife easily spends more than that on books per annum.

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It really is a touch and go sensation

You know she set up a proximity alert right?





My 35lb FS is laughing at your puny numbers.


:eyes: same here :laughing:

I think my carbon frame Fat Boy weighed more than when it had an aluminum frame. Great use of money, that. :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming: :man_facepalming:

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The real reason dropper posts were invented.


I was there almost 30 years ago at the 1995 NORBA National races at Mammoth, when Power Post sponsored a feature next to the lodge called “The Power Post Extreme” and THIS is what they were selling to riders as a means to make it easier.

And you think today’s droppers have issues.